A New Year’s Eve Tale (or why the DEQ sent me fabric shopping)

First things first….may I wish each and every one of you a very Happy New Year?


(I just love this graphic from over at Sew We Quilt!)

So, for New Year’s, I thought I’d share a funny story from my New Year’s Eve.  The other day, my oldest daughter got stopped because her tags had expired (only by a few days, mind you.)  The poor girl has been so busy with school and working three part-time jobs that I’ve hardly had a chance to borrow her car to get it re-registered.  Yesterday, a small window of time opened and I rushed off to the DEQ.  For those of you not from around Oregon, that’s the Department of Environmental Quality.  When we re-register our cars, we have them pass emissions testing first.

Well, forget quick!  I’d obviously never been there on the last day of the month before.  The line was so long they had people driving in the exit and looping through the parking lot so the line didn’t impact street traffic so badly!  After waiting an hour in line (grumpy and not feeling well and sounding like a very hoarse frog), the car failed.  Yep, didn’t pass.  Then the nice lady told me I should just drive it on the freeway for a bit to warm it up and come back.  Slightly irritated, I asked, “Won’t it just cool off again sitting in line?”  She waved away my concerns with an airy, “Oh, we’re open until six.”  Great, I thought, I’m going to waste my whole New Year’s Eve Day at the DEQ!  I was tempted to drive home but knew I’d hunker down and not come back so, instead, I drove to the fabric store.  After all, they SAID I had to drive it on the freeway, right? And, I had seen that wonderful bridge fabric that would be great for a shirt for hubby, right?  I mean, sometimes, a girl’s got to read the signs!


The line was half as short when I got back but I wasn’t taking any chances.  Every time we pulled forward, I put the car in park and revved the engine a few times to keep it warm…while running the heater on high! Just as predicted, it passed with flying colors.  The moral of the story is, of course, that whenever you hit a bump in life’s road, buying fabric will help!  The evening picked up from there.  We had dinner with some dear friends (hubby was still coughing too much to join us) and came home to protect  our dear Nick from the fireworks.  My younger daughter and I stayed up and watched “Safe Haven” together and just generally enjoyed ourselves.  I took this photo of Griffie standing guard over Nick.  (Nick has a pathological fear of fireworks and we live in a very fireworks-oriented neighborhood!)


So, if your New Year’s was filled with riotous barking or just a calm, quiet evening, I hope it ushers in what will be a wonderful year for all of us (with lots of fun, fabric-y things!)

Happy Quilting and Happy New Year,


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