Undercurrents” will Sweep You into a Story of Love and Loss and New Beginnings

9780062301291_0077bHenry has come to England to take a job with his company but he has a secret ambition…to find the woman he lost twenty years before due to a moment of hesitation on his part. He arrives at the seaport town in foul weather and is greeted by a flooded hotel and angry hotelier. Foisting him off to the “House of Enchantment” is just the beginning of Henry’s adventures which include ghosts, gravely disturbing news about his lost love, and a cast of characters as varied as one could ever hope for.
Frances Fyfield takes the reader on a journey of the heart in “Undercurrents.” Henry is just the sort of character you can identify with. He’s a bit lost in life, still trying to find his way at a point when most men have a certain path. The more deeply he digs into the misfortune that has befallen his lost love, the more he is convinced that he must find out the truth…no matter where it leads him.
“Undercurrents” gets my highest recommendation for great characters, good plot, and a wonderful sense of place. This would be another great recommendation for a reading group and is suitable for high school readers and up.
“Undercurrents” was provided to me by the publisher for this review. The opinions, however, are entirely my own! “Undercurrents” is scheduled for release on January 7, 2014.

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