“Endless” Hits a Sweet Spot between Romance and Intrigue

cover36112-smallJenny knows she different and takes all the precautions she can to hide it. The gloves she wears to keep from touching other people seem like a fashion affectation and, so far, she’s been able to hide her oddity from her family and friends… it easy when there aren’t that many of either. Her life takes a bizarre turn after a chance encounter with a Ouija board at a party leaves her with a strange and startling message. After that, things begin to unravel quickly. She and her new friend, Ben, need to figure out how the message, a mysterious box and some Russian writing all fit together to answer a series of difficult questions. Will they find the answer in time or are they racing a deadline they can never beat?
“Endless” is a one of those books that manages to throw together a bunch of different elements (I hate to say which because of spoilers) and come up with some cohesive, fun and totally engaging. The writing team known as Amanda Gray have created some terrific fiction in “Endless” that is suitable for both adult and YA readers. If you’re looking for a satisfying read that blends elements of time travel, romance, intrigue with a twist of conspiracy, look no further. “Endless” will satisfy your craving for all of those!
This book was provided to me by the publisher for this review. The opinions, however, are entirely my own!

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