Celtic Solstice Mystery Part 1


Well, it took me until the day before the mystery started, but I finally pulled fabrics from my stash for Bonnie Hunter’s new mystery.  If you haven’t done one before, they are free to join in…just hop over to Quiltville and see what’s up!  I’ve diverted a bit from the colors but I was determined to use what I had on hand (until I decided I may just need a little white.)


The first step were these lovely units and I only got a handful done but many more are cut and I plan to use this as my “sanity project” over the next few weeks.  I’ve taken a seasonal job on top of doing childcare and need something to keep me sane as I prep for Christmas!   Speaking of jobs, here’s a look at the obstacles we faced while trying to put the laundry away the other day…just look at those pretty faces!


Now, I’m off to get a few more posts done!  I’m linking this up to Bonnie’s Mystery Link Up Party.

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