Black Tie Boogie…a Couple of Chicks for a Friend (and a giveaway.)

One of my favorite things about blog hops is when the topic just happens to line up with my UFO list (which is long and rather intimidating, I must admit.)  So, when the lovely Madam Samm announced that Vickie was cheerleading a very “fowl” kind of hop…I knew just which UFO to reach for!  I have a dear friend with chickens who has kindly supplied us with healthy eggs for years and even let my daughters “foster” chicks into her flock.  I’ve actually had the pattern and most of the fabrics sitting together in one my infamous “UFO cages” aka plastic shoe boxes for longer than I’m going to admit.  (I did find the receipt with the pattern and promptly pitched the evidence!) So, here’s my version of Marjorie Rhine’s “Running Chickens” table runner.



As you can see, chickens are running every which way in this pattern which makes is a great table runner because no matter which side you sit on, you see chickens right side up!  Now, as for the giveaway, I’m giving my copy of this pattern by Marjorie Rhine and a one-half yard piece of this  “fowl” fabric so you can have a head start on your own “fowl” project.


Just leave me a comment on any subject you’d like (if you have chicken experience, I’d love to hear it) and I’ll have Mr. Random draw a winner after the hop ends.  Oh, and I will ship internationally, too.  Thanks for hopping by and be sure to visit the other “chicks and roosters” on the hop today!  And be sure to hop over to Madam Samm and Vickie and let them know how much you appreciate all their work…I know I do! 

November 26

For all of you in the States, here’s wishing you a safe, healthy and happy Thanksgiving. For readers in other countries, do join us in a piece of pie on Thursday so you can celebrate with us in spirit…I’m sure we all have much to be thankful for.  I know I could start my list of “thankfuls” today and not be finished by Thursday evening but high on the list is the wonderful community of quilters who provide so much inspiration, encouragement, energy and just plain fun in my life!  I’m thankful for each one of you.

Happy quilting,


77 responses to “Black Tie Boogie…a Couple of Chicks for a Friend (and a giveaway.)

  1. Your table runner reminds me of the chickens we raised when I was young… I would catch grasshoppers for the girls and they would come a-runnin’ when I’d call to them to come for a treat! As a child of 9 years it was very entertaining!! Another funny event was watching them eat plain spaghetti… Hahaha! They loved that stuff and that pasta was whipping around as they gobbled it up… too funny!!!

  2. My quilting buddy in Florida had 13 chickens in her back yard and kept me supplied with fresh eggs while I was down there. Nothing compares with a fresh egg!!! Sure do miss them now that I am back home on the farm in Washington 🙂 Yeah, we have a large, empty chicken house because while I love fresh eggs, I refuse to eat the chickens! Thank you for the opportunity to win this darling fabric – I would make a table runner for my quilting buddy with it as a thank you for the wonderful eggs!!!

  3. A very cute runner! I like how the chicken figurines on the table seem to be looking at the chickens on the runner. I don’t have any good chicken stories, but I did get chased by two Canadian geese while at work today. I think they were guarding a patch of sun that was warming up the walkway and didn’t want to move aside!

  4. Love your chicken runner! I grew up with chickens, but we seldom ate them. Thank you for sharing.

  5. What a darling runner! Love those chicks. We have 8 chickens and love them as part of our family. They have names and personalities that are lots of fun. Our bossy hen, Cordelia is very noisy and lets you know when she wants to be picked up or paid attention to. We love watching them dust bathe. So much fun to see them dig a hole and then spread their wings and scoop up dirt and throw it all over themselves. Then they shake it all off when they are done. They like to sit in the hole for a bit, it must feel good to have that cool dirt on them. 🙂 Thanks for sharing your runner and your giveaway too. K-

  6. I live in the suburbs in a city that doesn’t allow chickens but neighbors up the street have them and every so often I hear the rooster crow.

  7. I love your toppers, reminds me of my chicks in Namibia, running around the garden (and sometimes the house) with all their small “bibibibiiiiiiiiiiis” behind, that was wonderful, fun and sometimes quite hard work to search for a little one behind the book shelves…..

  8. Your table topper is so cute with all the chickens running after mother.
    Thanks for sharing your creativity and being part of this hop.

  9. What a great topper! I love all those running chicks!!

  10. This is a very cute runner – i love the chicken wire fabrics. Chickens do run a bit here and there and are quite the escape artists.

  11. I had a pair of chickens when I was growing up. They loved spaghetti, they thought it was worms! Now my children (all grown) are researching chicken coops…they think we should get a few chickens! Oh my! Maybe making this tablerunner would satisfy them!

  12. What a cute table runner. The wee chicks are adorable. My son left the back door open one day whilst we were away for the day. When we got home that night and turned the lights on in the living room, we were greeted by Greta the chook sitting nice and cosy on the couch. It was so adorable.

  13. Chickens are some of my favorite animals! One of my favorite pets as a child was my pet rooster named Pickle! And being a displaced farmer’s daughter, I wanted our children to have memories of chickens…we hatched 23 of 24 eggs as a science project…for several days the chicks called the bath tub home while the children and I built the chicken coop….but that is another adventure. Our children had a pet hen named Giblets [one of the 23 chicks] that would play ball with our dog…and then when she would peck him accidently…he would take the ball away from her.

  14. Your runner is fabulous. It is cool to have a hop about chickens. I never imagined they would look so cool


    delightful and is soooo inviting for some breakfast this morning….
    adorable Beth

  16. Cute table runner – thanks for sharing. When I was a kid I loved visiting my grandmother on the farm. I’d sneak an ear (or two) of corn from the corn crib & shuck a little of the corn into my hand & get the chickens to come to me & eat out of my hand. Thanks for the chance to win.

  17. I love that table runner. Those chicks are so cute. I have never had much experience with chickens but a friend of mine started to raise them and they are the type that have pastel colored eggs, so they look like Easter eggs. I have never seen them in person because she lives so far away but if I had chickens, those would be fun to have.

  18. Great table runner, love those chickens running all over! I don’t have any personal chicken stories to share though.

  19. I have a UFO chicken quilt. It is a sampler and every block has something to do with Farm Fowl such as Turkey Tracks, Duck in the Pond, Hens and Chicks. I am trying to use as much “chicken” related fabric as I can. UFOs can be lots of fun!

  20. A delightful table runner. They are probably running away from getting eaten. Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

  21. Love your table runner…sure to bring a smile each time you pass it!

  22. Love it!! What a fun runner…you did a wonderful job on this.

  23. A runner that runs… it! The chickens are so full of personality. Great job!

  24. So, so cute Beth – love those chicks! 🙂 blessings, marlene

  25. Your runner is so fun, I adore the baby chicks. Thanks for a great giveaway too.

  26. Beth, this is a darling pattern and I really love your fabric choices too!
    PS: Enjoyed your book reviews also!

  27. My only chicken experience is cooking it!

    Love the runner- perfect and cheery!

  28. I adore your table runner, the material is so nice and bright. Thanks for sharing

  29. Love your table runner. I really don’t have a Chicken story as I am a city girl and did not grow up around chickens. Thanks for the giveaway.

  30. Oh my gosh, now just how cute is that! LOVE IT!!

  31. Rose Marie Andreozzi

    Your table runner is very cute and I love the fabric in your giveaway but the best was your thankful comments. I am thankful for the community of quilters who have found the web and the blogs. I have learned so much and gotten so much inspiration! sewingblogsarefun at yahoo dot com

  32. That is darn cute; and you chose great fabrics!

  33. I’m a city girl so chickens aren’t something I’ve dealt with except at the dinner table, so no stories from me. But, your runner is my kind of chickens to have…love it! That is an adorable pattern and it looks so sweet on your table.

  34. Oh all those chicks..course that is what roosters make, lol. I remember a lot of chickens growing up but no real stories.

  35. Love all the chicks. What a cute table runner. I grew up with chickens and hated them. Now I live on my own “farm” what am I getting ready to build? A chicken house.

  36. Your table runner is so stinkin’ cute!
    Happy Thanksgiving 🙂

  37. I always had a pet chicken when I was younger. They were cute. Thanks so much for sharing

  38. Your pattern is adorable! My mom loves chicken and roosters so I know she would really like this!

  39. Great table runner! My father brought us home some baby chicks for Easter, we were living in a flat at the time it wasn’t the most practical present!

  40. This is the cutesy table runner. I would love to have the pattern.

  41. Your runner is absolutely fun!

  42. Why do your chickens need a passport? So they can come to Texas of course ! Love the runner, it’s adorable !

  43. That is just darling!!! we have always had backyard chickens until recently and love watching their scurrying about.

  44. Such a fun project!! Adorable!! Thanks for sharing!

  45. I love your running chickens runner!
    I keep chickens – mainly Jersey Giants and Marans!

  46. Love the runner. We always had chickens when I was growing up. It was my job to gather the eggs and I always got pecked by the clucky hens (the ones that wanted to set and hatch the eggs). Thanks for the chance to win.

  47. your table runner is wonderful, I love how the chickens are going different ways. I grew up on a farm and we had roosters and hens. We had fresh eggs and saw chicks hatch all the time. Sometimes we had to put the eggs in an incubator because the hen would not sit on the eggs for some reason. That was so cool to watch. Thank you for sharing and for the great give a way

  48. What a cute table runner. I once had a chicken chase be back into my car and then peck at the door!

  49. Your table runner is perfect for this Black Tie Boogie hop, How nice they are running right side up for both sides of the table. Thanks for hopping. I have no chicken stories but my name tells another tale. Creative Stitching Bliss…

  50. Great Table Runner. Wonderful that you could empty a shoe box so it would be ready for a new project, cause there will be one or two.
    Have a very Happy Thanksgiving.

  51. What a great runner — I love those scattering chicks! A friend has chickens so I am lucky to get eggs from her most of the year. Her little girl solemnly announced last summer that chickens are her best friends, and that they didn’t mind going on the swings with her, but they don’t like to go on the slide, although she’d given them many turns. I still laugh every time I eat an egg, thinking of those chickens on playground equipment. 🙂

  52. Love your table runner – plus your fun collection of kitchen chickens! We had 3 chickens in our yard for about a month, but the little Banty was so noisy, the neighbors complained to the Home Owners’ Association, and they threatened to fine us if we didn’t remove them. I loved their fresh little eggs every day! We’ve since moved, so maybe it’s time to try again!

  53. Ha ha. The table runner is really a runner. Look at them go. So so cute. Has to be my favorite.

  54. I love the fabrics you used . This would make me smile every time I sat at the table.

  55. I love your running table runner. It is so cute! The colors are perfect and you will get years of enjoyment out of it. Thanks so much for sharing and for the chance at your “fowl” giveaway.

  56. I love your chicken runner. Runner!!…is that a pun on the pattern? It’s really adorable and I’m so pleased you’ve finished it. My grandma told me that she had a solitaire diamond engagement ring and when she was feeding the chickens, one of them pecked off the diamond! I asked why she didn’t grab the hen to retrieve the stone. She said she was stunned and by the time she recovered she had no idea which chicken was the thief. I’ve always felt sad about that and I’m nearly 70 now…

  57. The running chicks and hen are so cute! It reminds me of a pattern that I have by Meme’s Quilts for a wall hanging called Spring Chickens with running chickens.

  58. I really love the sweet running chicks table runner. Well done,

  59. Oh, I really like your table runner. So very fun indeed!

  60. Love your table runner and your rooster is just awesome!!! Thank you for sharing.

  61. i made a chicken tablerunner as a class for learning to hand applique – it took forever but I like it!

  62. That runner made me chuckle. Great project!!

  63. Lovely runner! Thanks for sharing & the giveaway.

  64. Very clever to have the chickens right side up on both sides. Great runner. Thanks for the clever idea.

  65. thanks for sharing I have chickens in my kitchen .

  66. No really good chicken stories. The closest I’ve been to a real chicken is in the supermarket. Love the table runner with the chicks, really cute idea.

  67. OMG, that topper is the coolest! Sometimes all of us mothers feel like running from our little squalking chicks for a moment of peace. That runner is just too funny. I love it!!! Great job.

  68. Very cute table runner. Great fabric.
    My chicken experience: I am the youngest child of an extrended family. My cousin grew up on a farm and one Easter he shared his baby chicks with us. My mother knows nothing about chickens, so to keep them warm she kept them in the oven because it had a pilot light.

  69. I love your table runner it made me smile. Thanks for sharing!

  70. We had chickens when I grew up. And we had a rooster called Johannes!
    Great table runner! greetings from Norway

  71. Happy Thanksgiving! I’m from the city and have never had any experience with chickens! Your table runner is awesome.

  72. I have never kept chickens, nor do I know anyone who does. I do love your runner though.

  73. What a great table runner! We had chickens when I was growing up on the farm. The last time I was around chickens was when I was pregnant with my oldest daughter who is now 30 – needless to say it wasn’t a pleasant experience and I’ve sworn off chickens ever since then! I even have a hard time eating chicken sandwiches, but I still love my eggs!! 🙂

  74. I am sure that I am too late for the giveaway but that’s okay. ( I have been super busy first sewing and then quilting, now binding) Still wanted to get caught up with all you hoppers!. Love the table runner. I have seen the pattern before but yours is so cute all done up! That you can cross a UFO off your list is even better.

  75. This is simply adorable and fun all at once, very clever idea!

  76. Your runner is too cute. The little chicks are hysterical. Thanks for sharing.

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