Quilter’s Blog Hop Party With Giveaways


Michelle over at the Quilting Gallery is hosting a Blog Hop Party and you’re invited!  Lots of bloggers are hosting giveaways, etc.  So, first, if you’re a new visitor, welcome…if you’re an old friend, welcome back!  I’ll keep this brief so you can hop on to the next stop.  I’m offering a set of blue fat quarters (four of them) to one winner and, yes, I can ship internationally.  Now, you don’t have to be a follower or jump through any hoops, just leave me a comment.  Perhaps a favorite party memory?  Or, really, anything you’d like to say….I love comments!


Happy quilting!


190 responses to “Quilter’s Blog Hop Party With Giveaways

  1. Thank you for the giveaway

  2. I am already following you!! Looking forward to this annual hop 😉
    Thanks for the chance to win the lovely selection of blue FQs… my weakness!! hehehe

  3. I’ve just stumbled on this blog, I have bookmarked it for later, looking forward to checking out your DIY Tutorials!

  4. My favorite party memories are of my childhood birthday parties: homemade cakes, crepe paper streamers and my parents would organize fun games for me and my friends. Thanks for the giveaway!

  5. What a great selection of blues! I think my favorite party memory just happened at my brother’s wedding last week. My tiny girl rocking out with the band. So fun.

  6. Love you Blog Beth!


  7. Blue is my favorite!
    I think my favorite party memory would be my grandson’s first birthday – he was so cute and everyone was so happy to be together! Family came from all over just to be there. To be the first grandchild!

  8. This will be my first Christmas without my mom and I’ve been thinking about all the happy Christmases I got to have with her. Thanks for the giveaway. I added it to my weekly link up.

  9. Lovely fat quarters! Thanks for the opportunity!!

  10. Thanks for this giveaway. I don’t really have any fab party memories as I’m a total party pooper, lol! But I can tell you that my stash is in a desperate need of more blues! 😉

  11. Those blue fabrics look great against the green grass!

  12. Hi Beth, I just had to comment and say hello, especially after I visited your 2013 Finishes page and saw your mug rug using my Mug O’ Love pattern! Happy hopping!

  13. Great giveaway….Thanks 🙂

  14. This is so much fun! I love your giveaway choice – happy hopping!!!

  15. It’s so nice to see so your blog. I’ve never been here before. Very nice!

  16. Blue is my favorite color. And I really like your header image!

  17. We love fat quarters, yes indeed. Something bright for the long winter’s nights ahead. Thank for letting us visit.

  18. I love blue! Thanks for the chance to win =)

  19. I’m singing the blues!!! Yes, those are so pretty I’ll sing for them!

  20. Blue is my favorite color – planning a blue/white bowtie quilt for next year.

  21. Such a lovely selection of blue fabrics. Thank you for being part of the blog-hop. So many generous bloggers.

  22. I love these blues – so pretty! Thanks for the giveaway!

  23. that one was mispelled so wouldn’t go to my page

  24. To celebrate my 21st birthday my mom and her sister took me to the horse races. While we were there they had a drawing for a trip to California which my mom won. So exciting! She always lived in PA and had never flown before so it was really a treat!

  25. Hi,
    I am having so much fun with Michele’s swap parties. Hope you can join us!

  26. Very lovely. I adore blue.

  27. Love blue! Dancing at my DD wedding reception is a favorite party memory. Thanks for the giveaway!

  28. I’m a follower. Thanks for the chance at the great fabric. We’re getting our first taste of winter with freezing rain later this evening. Love snow, hate ice.

  29. We’re getting out fist taste of winter tonight with freezing rain. Love snow but hate ice. I’m a follower and thanks for the chance at the great fabric.

  30. Love the colors of the different blues , thanks for the nice give a way

  31. Love the blocks to the right of the comments!

  32. Love the fabric. Thanks for the chance to win.

  33. my favorite party memory is the year my daughter was 8, i woke to christmas morning to my bedroom door flying open at 4am, my stocking flying past my head and her voice yelling ” get up santa has been here’

  34. Love your blog. Just checking in to say hi. I found it via the Blog-Hop. I will definitely be back. Thank you for hosting the giveaway. Pick me, Pick me. 🙂 LOL!


  35. Loved the quilt you did For the Boys Hop. I like the blue charms, thanks for the giveaway.

  36. Thanks for the pretty blue giveaway! No good party memories. I do enjoy spending time with friends however.

  37. I find fat quarters hard to resist. I have to admire them for a bit before I can cut into them.

  38. Thanks for the chance to win. I love decorating cakes for my children.

  39. The blue fabrics are very beautiful. Best party was my wedding recession and first dance with my husband.

  40. This is my first Blog Hop! I’m really enjoying seeing everyone’s creative stuff!

  41. Blue just happens to be the color I’m most needing to fill out my stash.

  42. Que le puedo comentar Beth?
    Le comento mi envidia mas absoluta por todos los libros que llegan a sus manos.Los quiero leer todos!
    1000 cariños.

  43. Love your blues. I’m enjoying the blog hop, it’s like a virtual party, isn’t it?

  44. Thanks for the chance. I love blues.

  45. Well, my wedding reception was quite a party…I wanted to do it again 🙂

  46. Best party memory was my retirement party. Love having more time to volunteer and sew.

  47. My husbands 50th birthday party was a combination celebration of Alaska & Hawaii’s 50th Statehood and Barbie’s 50th birthday. So naturally guests could come dressed like they were from either state. Best of all he had a Barbie cake. Fun time indeed!

  48. Hey thanks for the giveaway! I am really enjoying all the different blogs. I will be back to dig deeper. 🙂

  49. Thanks for a great giveaway. Best party….a birthday celebration for my imaginary friend when I was a little girl. My whole family played along. My mom even baked a cake.

  50. Hi Beth and thank you for sharing those beautiful blue fabrics! Cant’ say that I have many party memories as I have never been much party animal. I enjoy small parties with few friends, good food, wine and fun talk! x Teje

  51. quilters are generous:) thank you!

  52. My daughter had a party for me for my 50th birthday. It was quite lovely.

  53. Thank you for the chance to win these nice fat quarters.

  54. Hello! I’m new to blogging, but enjoying the experience. Next week is my 65th birthday, so maybe that will be my best party …. so far 🙂

  55. Great giveaway! Thanks for the chance to win!

  56. ohh blues are always great – a party memory would more be about after the party I used to drive my parents nuts by getting up ful of energy on January first asking for breakfast….

  57. Shannon Michelli

    Great Blog!

  58. Awe, thank you. I think one of my favorite memories is the birth of my daughter…then of course my son. =) Sweet treasures.

  59. Thank you for the chance to enter your giveaway. My favorite party memory is of my daughters 2nd birthday. She had on a beautiful pink lace and silk princess dress and wore a pink tiara…She was a princess and now she still thinks she is at 14…But sometimes she wants to overthrow the queen and king of her castle… lol…What fun memories. Thank you for the chance to enter your giveaway. The blue fabrics are very pretty. conn_and_vans_mom atyahoodotcom

  60. A favourite party memory is when my daughter made cotton candy for all of her friends. They were so excited. Thanks for the giveaway.

  61. Lovely fabric, thanks for the giveaway.

  62. Thanks for the giveaway. I can’t really think of a favorite party memory….maybe when my daughter turned one – she was sick and wouldn’t touch her cake!

  63. What pretty blues. Anytime my family can get together I am thankful so all my memories are the best, (and i can’t think of one).

  64. Beautiful fabrics!
    Your name sounds quite Norwegian – may be you have some connections to Norway?

  65. Ooh, I love those blue fat quarters. The perfect colors for a hexagon quilt I am making for my bedroom. Thanks for the chance.

  66. Blue is good! New quilter from Oklahoma, U.S.A. I am here for the party. crystalbluern at onlineok dot com

  67. What fabulous blues – these would be perfect to add into a quilt for my son as blue is his favorite color! Thanks for a chance to win! 🙂

  68. The best thing about blog hops is discovering new blogs to follow. Consider yourself discovered 🙂

  69. Love those blues!

  70. Thanks for the chance to win. I need some blue fabrics for my stash.

  71. All of my favourite memories involve family….aunties, uncles, cousins

  72. One of my best friends loves, loves, loves blue – she’d be really jealous if I won this. 🙂 blessings, marlene

  73. Lovely blues makes me think of swimming, I just want to dive in.

  74. Thanks for a chance to win the blue fat quarters!!

  75. Favorite party memory….my son feeding his first birthday cake to his sister 🙂 Thank you for the giveaway

  76. Hmm. This summer at my nephew’s one year old birthday party, he got a toddler sized four wheeler from his grandparents. It was a lot of fun, but prone to crashes! The best one involved my one year old nephew, my almost 2 year old twins, a slide, a four wheeler, and a toy shopping cart. Oh my goodness, life with young children is never boring!

  77. Great fabric and site. My memory was not a party but turned into one for my 3 year old grandson. Having lunch at Roadhouse Grill with myself and his uncle, country music on the jukebox and some of the waiters were doing a line dance and before we realized what had happened he was out there line dancing with them just like he knew the moves. One of the best times my brother and I ever had together. He loves my Grandson as if he was his own. Blessing, Jackie

  78. Thank you for the giveaway. My favorite party memory was just this year when we had my great grand daughters party at our lake at the beach. It was beautiful all day and the party was scheduled at 3pm. Just as everyone got in the water a terrible storm blew in and we all had to stay away from the beach.

  79. My favorite party memory was when our son turned five , we had a party for him and a little friend at the party asked him how old he was and his reply to the little girl is “I’m five going on six” , I guess he was trying to impress her . Thanks for the chance .

  80. Thanks for the chance to win!

  81. My favourite party memory … hmm, maybe I should forget them? Love your pic in the header! I went to London on a post-university trip, and I was supposed to get a tour of the inner workings of the bridge, but on the day I visited my tour guide (a cousin) was sick!

  82. Blue, I’ve been feeling in the blue mood, well a Happy Blue Mood that is. Thanks for hosting on the giveaways.

  83. My daughter’s swim party.

  84. I got lost looking at where all your side buttons took me!
    but I’m back. great giveaway – love the blues. Thanks for the chance!

  85. Love the blues, very soothing 🙂
    Thank you for the chance.

  86. Thank you for the chance to win. Blue is my fav colour

  87. Nice blues. I love blog hop parties a great way to see people’s creativity and get inspiration.

  88. I’m thankful for you introducing yourself to us and wanting to have a giveaway. You are one of God’s blessings today. Thanks for the chance.

  89. You really have an interesting collection of side buttons…a little bit of everything! Thanks for the giveaway.

  90. Ah blue, I’m a sucker for blue. I’m not a great party animal. I generally prefer being in the kitchen, making sure people are getting fed. I love to chat there and have had many great talks over the dishes. Thanks

  91. I love parties with good friends getting to have time together. Thanks!

  92. Great giveaway! Fat quarters are always appreciative. I am a new follower.
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  93. Thanks for the lovely giveaway

  94. Thank you for a pretty giveaway.

  95. I love throwing parties for my children but as they both celebrate in the middle of summer it is a bit difficult to keep everything cool. Last year I made little lego men in chocolate and they looked fine until you tried to pick them up – then they melted in your hand! YUCK!! but the kids loved it.

  96. Thanks for a great giveaway Beth!

  97. Thanks for this great giveaway! My best party memories from the last years are the complements I’m getting for sewing my little girl’s dresses!

  98. Love your 2013 Finishes – and Gizmo, too!

  99. Love those blues! I am new to your blog, but will come back!

  100. Rose Marie Andreozzi

    For some reason I seem to gravitate towards blue, in my clothing, in my quilt fabrics, but I love color so I don’t know why I do this! Weird, huh? sewingblogsarefun at yahoo dot com

  101. Blue is my favourite colour. Favourite holiday parties are the ones the kids put on at school when they were little.

  102. Those blues would be welcome to my Dear blue Jane stash.Thanks for the fun!

  103. Thanks for a great giveaway. I am thankful for a husband who never complains when I buy fabric.

  104. Those blues are so pretty.

  105. Happy Thanksgiving!


  107. I am currently stashing blue fabrics for a scrappy quilt for my nephews graduation. Your fabrics would fit right in! Thanks for the chance.

  108. When I was much younger(where are those days) there was a schoolparty. All the teachers where there. I had the change to dance with my english teacher. It was wonderful…
    Thank you for the change to win your giveaway.

  109. Thank you so much for the giveaway. Those fabrics look lovely. I am a newbie to quilting and I am so excited about it. I am finding myself falling in love with so many blogs. I need all the inspiration I can get.

  110. Thank you so much for your great giveaway. and I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

  111. Hello there…glad to meet you…you are last on the list. I think I am out of air…lol. thank you for this wonderful giveaway!!!

  112. I have hardly no blues in my fabric stash! These are beautiful. Thanks for a chance to win!

  113. My favorite party memory is when I was in college and my future hubby gave me a surprise birthday party. I was amazed at how many people came.

  114. Favorite party memory would have to have to be dancing at my sister’s wedding. It was such a happy day.

  115. Ah, a blogger from Oregon. I live in Pendleton myself. Maybe will run into you at Round-Up.

  116. Love the colors thanks for the chance

  117. Blue’s my favorite coloe. Love the fabric.

  118. love the bundle you made up 🙂

  119. I love the blue fabrics! I always enjoy visiting your blog, I have not done much blog reading lately but do so when I can. Thanks for the chance to win your giveaway.

  120. What a lovely selection of fabrics. Thanks for the chance to win. Gonna go check to see if we have any snow…

  121. Always love blog hops….especially ones that involve beautiful fabrics! Thanks!

  122. Thank you for the giveaway. Blue is my favourite colour.

  123. Those blues are so pretty!! Thank you for the fun!

  124. I really enjoy looking at the blogs in the Blog Hop Giveaway. Thanks for the chance to win.

  125. I love participating in BlogHops. It’s so much fun to see what everyone else is working on. Thanks for the giveaway.

  126. Thanks for the giveaway. Love looking at all the different blogs.

  127. I want to have an ugly sweater party!

  128. Thanks for the chance! I love party’s in general!

  129. Your blue FQ’s are very pretty. Thank you for sharing.

  130. I stumbled on this what fun! Thanks

  131. Thank you for a nice giveaway. The blues are some of my favorite colors.

  132. my favorite party memory was my 40th birthday. It was held at my boyfriends lounge, many friends and family attended and the regulars also made my evening special.. I had 6 tables lined end to end and there were flowers all down the middle.. We had the best time and I was so suprised that so many people cared about making my day special.

  133. Thank you for sharing your fabric. This blog hop has been fun. Thanks!

  134. Thanks for the chance – and Happy Thanksgiving!

  135. Beth, love your “About” page! This is my first visit to your blog and it won’t be my last – love your sense of humor… Cat concierge indeed!

  136. Thanks for the giveaway! This is my first Blog-hop and I am amazing how many great quilting blogs there are.

  137. Hi, I don’t have any favorite party memory, but a favorite Christmas memory is making homemade root beer about two weeks before Christmas, so it would be ready to drink. We used a huge metal tub,and Dad would stir it with a big wooden spoon. Mom would add in the sugar; we, my brother and I, would add two bottles, one for each of us, of McCormick’s Root Beer; and Dad would add in the water, and stir. He’d have the tub on a kitchen chair, and then use a tube to siphon out the root beer into brown bottles arranged on a square sheet cake pan. Dad, my brother, and I would sit on the floor until all the bottles were filled, then Mom would wipe the necks of the bottles, then hand them to Dad so he could cap them. This was all done while listening to Christmas music, and while watching our beagle, Duke, lick up all the drips from the floor. It’s a memory I cherish.
    Thanks for the opportunity to enter the give away.
    Rae (nrhaller@aol.com)

  138. This blog hop is so much fun and then gifts to boot! I’m always looking for blue fabrics to use in Wounded Warriers’ quilt.

  139. Thanks for a great giveaway! 🙂

  140. Lovely blue fabrics! I just got home from a party – a Grey Cup party. That is our big end of season playoff for football. We went skiing for an hour and a half, watched the game, ate dinner then played a rip roaring game of dominoes. Fun was had by all 🙂

  141. New visitor – thanks for your participation and for the generous giveaway!
    Great way to link up and educate me about the links across the quilting international quilting community!!

  142. my favorite party memory has to be my daughter’s bridal shower…it was a total surprise and a wonderful gathering of friends and family

  143. What a fun giveaway, fabric is always good to have!!

  144. I love including blue into my quilts making them more unusual. Thank you for a chance to win them.

  145. Love the blue chevron. Thanks for the chance to win

  146. What pretty blue fabrics, lovely giveaway. I don’ t have any particular party memory.

  147. Love the blues! Thanks for the wonderful giveaway!

  148. Charlene McCullough

    The blue fat quarters are a perfect. They go into a quilt for my son. His fave color is blue. Don’t really have a favorite party memory. A favorite memory is of a dear neighbor. Her daughter and I brought in a very small garter snake to show her. She about beat us to death with a broom before we got out of the house. Neither of us knew she hated snakes. Days later we all were laughing to tears about it. May she rest in peace.

  149. you have picked a fab collection to giveaway…thank you!

  150. Great fabric. Thanks for the opportunity. Love the blues.

  151. Love the colors. Thanks for the chance to win.

  152. Lovely blues… 23 years ago at Christmas I wrapped up maternity & baby clothes patterns for my Mom and woodworking patterns for a crib/high chair and Noah’s Ark set for my Dad to announce that they were going to be grandparents for the 1st time! So much fun.

  153. When my kids were little, we would usually have theme parties for their birthdays. They weren’t too elaborate but my kids still talk about their favorites.

  154. Nie colors! Since the kids are grown up I am out of parties 😉 I like the days when the family is together! Thanks for the chance!

  155. My favourite party memory is the fancy dress party my Mum organised for me the summer I left London to go to live in Italy.

  156. The Sassy Quilter

    Loving the hop! Thanks for the yummy blues. I love a costume party. One year me and my family dressed up like the Addams Family, too fun!

  157. Lovely giveaway! Thanks for the chance!

  158. Thank You for the giveaway and Happy Thanksgiving.

  159. Thank you for the giveaway, pretty blues.
    smjohns63 at yahoo dot com

  160. We have deemed ourselves the FLAWs. We get together often but it is the holiday parties that are so much fun when we get together playing fun and silly games and eating dinner. Our husbands join in the fun when we the Former Ladies At Work gather together. Lovely fabric in your giveaway!

  161. My son was born in February during the school winter break, so we usually leave the very cold northern New York and head to grandma’s in not quite as cold Virginia. One year it was so warm that when we had his party, I was outside grilling hot dogs and hamburgers. I never thought that I would be having an outdoors party for my winter baby.

  162. Me encanta el azul.
    Soy seguidora de su bloc,10000 cariños.

  163. My favorite party memory was the Super Bowl Party I went to back in 1988 while I was in HS. I was invited because the host and hostess wanted to introduce me to someone. It turned out the host liked me instead— after they broke up, several months later, him and I started dating, eventually got married and are still together now.

  164. Beautiful fabrics! Thanks for the chance to win

  165. I like the idea of a UFO list. I don’t think I could bear to start one however much I like to cross things off. I have a rubber tote of projects I haven’t even cut yet. Silly job cuts into my sewing time.

  166. Best party memory – meeting my hubby for the first time when I was 15, a second time when I was 26, and the third (and the right!) time when I was 28.

  167. I have wonderful memories of gathering around my grandmother’s player piano every year for her annual Christmas party. We all took turns working the foot petals to get the rolls to turn. It was a workout and sing-along all in one!

  168. My favorite color!!!!! thanks for the chance to win it :O)

  169. My best party memories are the family dinners. Thank you for a chance win your giveaway.

  170. We partied a lot in college. But the best ones are with family and friends that had special occasions. Most of my stash is blue , Thank you for a chance to win. HAPPY QUILTING:)

  171. Rose Marie Andreozzi

    Blue is my fav….thanks for the giveaway! sewingblogsarefun at yahoo dot com

  172. I love the fabrics in your giveaway. Thanks for sharing!

  173. Great blue fabrics. I guess my bridal showers were the most fun, everything was new and I was beginning a new life adventure.

  174. great giveaway! Thanks for the chance to win!

  175. Thank you for the giveaway

  176. Thanks for the giveaway. My favourite party memory is a family reunion where my brother announced he would be getting married in two days time while we were all together. It was a lovely garden wedding.

  177. I love the fabrics thanks for the giveaway!

  178. Happy Thanksgiving!!!

  179. Lovely looking blues 😀

  180. Oh, gotta love the blues. thank-you so much for sharing.

  181. I’ve been working with quite a few blues lately and these sure are lovely ones. Thanks for hosting and being part of the hop

  182. Quilting Tangent

    Already following, nice pretty blue fabrics.

  183. Lovely Blue Prints. I Live In Florida And Love To Quilt.

  184. I love blue & your fat quarters are so pretty!

  185. Blue has become one of my favorites after years of loving red. Maybe it is because I am getting older!

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