Fabric Crazy (but Thrifty)

The good news is that my husband’s job is back to full-time and we have insurance again!  I have to admit that while we were uninsured (and struggling to find insurance) I kept joking that if one of us fell and broke a leg, it was the other one’s job to drag them to the car and run into the nearest light pole!  Anyway, in my relief, I went a little fabric crazy.  I’m supposed to be using up what I have but I ran into these beauties (all quilt shop fabrics) at the thrift store.  All in all, I only spent about $30 on my little spree so I don’t feel too guilty.


These were all from my favorite thrift store in Gladstone.


There are nearly five yards of each of these…I’m thinking quilt backs.


There are three yards each of these.  I’m planning a border and binding with the leaves and a shirt for my husband with the nautical.


Then, I happened to be driving by our Goodwill’s bin store and found these.  I have a bin to make for my bathroom to hold my guest towels that will look great in the upholstery fabric and, well, I just couldn’t say no to the other two…they looked lonely!  All three pieces cost me $3.88.

So there you have it…my big shopping spree!  Far more fun that the shopping my husband gets to do today.  My oven element broke last night.  I guess it just decided to quite after a cake and a batch of cupcakes right in a row.  I do bake a lot so my oven gets more use than many.  Seriously, though, shouldn’t there be a law against ovens going out ten days before Thanksgiving?  The last stove gave up the ghost as I was in the midst of baking 24 gingerbread houses.  Stoves, I’ve decided, have awful timing!  Thank goodness for me that my in-house repairman can handle the repair.  I can’t imagine trying to schedule in two repairs this week….I already have the fridge repair coming!

Of course, if the oven doesn’t work…I have more time to quilt!  Perhaps I need to rethink this!

Happy quilting,


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