A Free Craftsy Class and Other Fun, Free, Quilty Stuff! (And the “For the Boys” Hop Schedule.)

Have you tried Craftsy yet? Now, nothing can replace taking a class with friends in real time but, let’s face it, sometimes it just gets hard to schedule. With Craftsy, you can take a class in your own sewing room with national instructors like Carol Doak. For me, I’ve found that my Kindle Fire works great with Craftsy. I can prop it up next to my sewing machine and have an instructor at my elbow while I learn a new technique. One of my favorite machine quilters, Leah Day, has classes on Craftsy as well as many, many others. This week, you can take a quilting class for free (it’s a beginning class but still a fun way to check out a class. There’s also a free photography class.) I’m planning to try both…want to join me?  There’s also an affiliate program, if you want more information, you can click here.  The other thing I love about Craftsy is the number of my favorite designers who are on Craftsy.  The Doctor Who Quilt Along blocks are all on Craftsy along with the Wonky Castle Block of the Month.  My Craftsy account lets me keep all these patterns in one place to use later.

And, speaking of free things, Jennifer at The Quilted Cat posted a blog post about a free mystery paper-pieced block from Paper Panache.  I’m a sucker for mysteries, are you?  And, of course, I’m all excited for Bonnie Hunter’s new mystery!  Carol Doak has a new mystery quilt on her Yahoo Group.  It’s free to join in this one, too.  Now, the only thing I have to figure out is how to make more hours in my day…or at least more quilting hours! Tomorrow is a no school day for our district so not much sewing going on tomorrow but Saturday…watch out!  (I’ve got my For the Boys project to finish this weekend.)

“For the Boys” has already started and if you haven’t seen the schedule, here it is…

November 6th
November 7th
November 8th
 November 11th
November 12th
November 13th
November 14th
November 15th 


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