Number 46 is my “Wicked” Winner!


The Great and Powerful Random Generator has spoken (oops, that’s the wrong movie, isn’t it?) Oh well, Mr. Random has picked again and I’ll be contacting the author of the 46th comment to get their snail mail address.  In the meantime, thank you to everyone who stopped by and  commented.  I didn’t get back to everyone but I did read and appreciate each and every comment! Even Gizmo did the happy dance over all the kind words!


The funnies thing about my Halloween night was cat related, too.  My big, fluffy cat, Zoe was quite certain she wanted to go out.  I was equally certain that I don’t like my cats wandering on Halloween…they’re far to likely to be spooked by the trick-or-treaters!  So, Zoe would come and hang out by the door giving me glances of deepest reproach for not tending to my door-opening duties.  When the doorbell rang, Nick (our 106-pound Lab) would bark.  Zoe would dash up the stairs because Nick was barking.  I would open the door, greet the trick-or-treaters and things would quiet down again.  Then, we’d start the process all over again.  I was by myself most of the evening but was laughing so hard at this little dog, cat and doorbell routine that I didn’t have time to get lonely!

Speaking of time, I decided to invest a little time into co-oping a table at a local craft fair.  I decided on snap wallets…they’re quick and I thought they might sell well.  Here’s my little display for the table (I stole the coffee mug holder off the kitchen counter…shhh…I don’t think the family has noticed yet!)


If you haven’t tried these little wallets, they’re quite fun and easy to make but I’d highly recommend getting the pattern.  I like supporting other artists by purchasing their patterns  and I’m really just no use without a pattern most days!  And speaking of most days, most mornings (except today) my dog and I go on a morning walk.  I love this time of year because of the beautiful sights along our little route.  Here’s what greeted us last week.  I’ll leave you with this pretty and I’m off to run errands.  I usually like to do them on a Tuesday but this is an unusually crowded week with three doctor’s appointments for the girls and a few other things so I’m off to do the “necessary” so I can get back to quilting!

Happy Monday and happy quilting!



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