It’s My Day to be “Wicked!” (and, of course, a giveaway.)

Welcome to Monday on the Wicked Blog Hop! (We are having some computer issues here this weekend so I’m hitting publish a few hours early, just in case!) As always, all this fun wouldn’t be possible without the hard work and wonderful talents of Wendy  and Madam Samm.  I tip my witches’ hat to both of them!  This year, I decided to do a small project for the hop. I had a picture in my head and decided it could come to life with the help of paper-piecing, a little applique and some embroidery. I started with an 8.5×11″ piece of paper and sketched out my idea.  (If you had any idea how awful I am at drawing, you’d understand that this was the scary part for me!)  Then I transferred it to newsprint, traced it again on the back side to make it come out right instead of a mirror image.  Then, just in case, I labeled every piece with “STS”  for “sew this side.”  I finished up with border and binding fabrics from the basket of Halloween fabrics that I won at quilt guild.  My younger daughter took it on a photo shoot to get an appropriately “fall-y” feel.  It’s really much flatter than it looks, but leaves, grasses, and tree roots don’t exactly show that!


I love how the first two pumpkins appear oblivious to the scary noises coming from the tree but pumpkin #3 isn’t all that happy!  Speaking of happy, I’d be happy to send two Halloween-ish fat quarters to one winner at the end of the hop.  Mr. Random will draw and, yes, I’ll ship international.   Just leave a comment to enter.  Here’s a peak at the goodies


and, speaking of goodies, why not tell me in your comment what your favorite Halloween goody (or Fall treat) is?  Mine are the Marshmallow Pumpkins that See’s Candies comes out with every Fall.  However, my older daughter brought home some fresh-pressed cider last week and now I think the Marshmallow Pumpkins may have competition!

Here’s a list of the rest of today’s hop.  Have a wonderful time and come back soon!

Happy quilting,


I Piece 2-Mary

103 responses to “It’s My Day to be “Wicked!” (and, of course, a giveaway.)

  1. Anything chocolate, thanks

  2. Apple Martini ! I know a bit scary but you asked. Here is the recipe in a post 2 years ago.

  3. I love Baby Ruths and have already gone thru the package I got for Halloween

  4. Very sweet project… I love the spiuder webbing stitches!! My weakness is milk chocolate!!!

  5. Adorable!!! Love that pumpkin is in everything!!!

  6. Great projects. Thanks for the giveaway chance.

  7. So cute! My favorite fall treat is candy corn. I really don’t know why, but I can’t open a package and not eat the whole thing.

  8. Love your pumpkins! I love the fall colored M&Ms, well actually all colors and flavors! Thank you for sharing.

  9. Great job on your pumpkins. Love love candy corn, then comes the cider donuts, warm!

  10. I love your punkins, and would love to win the Halloween fabric. You can’t imagine how hard it is for me to NOT buy every piece of Halloween fabric I see….lol.

  11. PS. I forgot to tell you that my “Pumpkin Cake” is my favorite fall treat. It’s like a pumpkin pie with a Yellow Cake “crust” and a streusel topping. It’s even better than pumpkin pie.

  12. Very cute project – love the binding!! I am not a candy person so I will go with season – hmm, a toss between apple pie or pumpkin pie.

  13. Love the pumpkins! Reese’s peanut butter cups are my favorite Halloween candy and in the fall fresh apple pie can’t be beat!

  14. My favourite food at this time of the year is Pulled Pork with homemade spiced apple sauce followed by Pumpkin Pie with Maple Syrup. I cook a lot of recipes from the US and go through gallons of Maple Syrup. I have a smoker which gets used weekly at least from September to March and quite often during the summer. Our barbecues are always well attended.

  15. My favorite fall treats are anything pumpkin. I love the spices that are used with it. But my very favorite is the Pumpkin Truffles that See’s Candies makes this time of year.

  16. Great job paper piecing. I think it turned out fabulous. Thanks for shareing with us today. conn_and_vans_momatyahoodotcom

  17. Your project is wonderful!

  18. I love your project. A great job to paper piece. Thanks for sharing and being part of this hop


    very sweet project…binding great for this season

  20. So cute!
    We’ve only just made our cider so it’s not ready to drink yet!! I’m still enjoying last year’s sloe gin!

  21. Very nice. Oh the tiny chocolates would have to be a winner. No calories when they are that small. Ha ha.

  22. Great pumpkins..and wonderful display

  23. Cute pumpkins. I too love the way the first two are smiling. So cute. Anything pumpkin right now is my favorite treat, but when I was younger, candy corn was tops.

  24. Such a nice project! and thanks for the opportunity!! 🙂

  25. My favorite treat would have to be candy corn mixed with peanuts. I can’t keep away from it. Thanks for sharing your project and for the giveaway.

  26. Cute project! I like lots of fall foods — pumpkin pie, pumpkin bread, soups, anything with apples.

  27. Cute pumpkins! Love those candy corn and anything pumpkin!

  28. Such a cute project! I have candy corn on the coffee table right now. 🙂 blessings, marlene

  29. i love anything with apples in it.
    tvbart at charter dot net

  30. Darling little quilt….looks like the Great Pumpkin Patch! Thanks for sharing !

  31. Cute little pumpkins! I think I like pumpkin pie or pumpkin smoothies better than candy!

  32. Pumpkin bars are always yummy 🙂 Great project!

  33. I like your pumpkins and the scary tree. My favorite goody?? Pecan pie or Payday, love them both.

  34. Cute pumpkins. I love the reese’s peanut butter filled pumpkins.

  35. Cute little quilt. I love pumpkin bars and hot cider.

  36. I like the variegated thread you used on the quilting, really looks nice. My favorite fall treat has always been pumpkin pie.

  37. That is just too much fun! My favorite treat are those peanut butter taffy things. You can’t find them anymore…they used to be wrapped in orange and black papers. Mary Jane candies are the same I am sure, but I miss my Halloween treats! 😦

  38. Your pumpkins are too funny….especially the not so happy one on the end.
    I don’t really have a favorite treat for Halloween…..hummmmmm but I can’t pass up chocolates with almonds inside…..ever :-]

  39. Your great pumpkins are sew cute ! Chocolate….nuff said !

  40. What a cute pumpkin quilt. My favourite Halloween treat? I make myself sick on home toasted pumpkin seeds every year. lol

    Thanks for the chance to win such fun Halloween fabrics.

  41. Very cute pumpkins…love how you drew them! I always used to grab the Kit Kats out of my kids Halloween candy. Yum!

  42. Rose Marie Andreozzi

    I try very hard not to go near See’s candy, but marshmallow pumpkins? Ok, now I gotta go….thanks for sharing and thanks for the giveaway…(notice I focused on sweet treat and not your wonderful project?)

  43. I discovered the Halloween version of Cadbury Cream-filled Eggs, they are Scream-filled, so instead of the orange cream, it’s green! They make me laugh, and still taste as good as the ones you can get during Easter. I hope you’re hanging your little quilt on the wall, it looks like a perfect fall picture! Thank you for sharing!

  44. Love your little quilt and I have to admit, i also love the little mini chocolate bars that are out this time of year. They are so tempting. Thanks so much for ahring

  45. Love your mini quilt and I love the pumpkin marshmallow from Russel Stovers

  46. I love your quilt! That poor pumpkin isn’t happy at all is he? I love anything chocolate…..Really….anything. Now how scary is that!

  47. I love to steal my kids’ Snickers minis from their trick or treat bag. 🙂

  48. Your great pumpkins makes a cute little quilt for the wall or a table. I love anything pumpkin…oh yes and chocolate. Thanks for sharing and for the chance!! Happy Haunting, Pauline

  49. Love the Pumpkins, ..Thanks for sharing..and I love Chocolate too

  50. Cute little pumpkin quilt. I like the bright spider web in the border and the bright binding. Thanks for sharing and the chance to win. Every Halloween we make pumpkin pie and apple cider from a nearby orchard as a special treat. I love dark chocolate … especially fudge … for Halloween … or anytime … 🙂 Pat

  51. Cider is one of my favorites. Love your pumplins.

  52. cute. and the art shot…priceless.
    all Halloween candy…I’m easy that way. lol

  53. Great job and design and execution of this little guy. I love how the spider looks like he is coming onto the quilt from the leaves. Fresh baked apple pie with a couple of slices of cheddar cheese.

  54. Your pumpkins are adorable! I am with you in not having the confidence to draw. I AM good at eyes for some odd reason, LOL. Hooray for your daughter helping with the photo shoot. THX for the giveaway opportunity for that cute fabric! And fall or Halloween goodie? I love a mix of candy corn, Reece’s pieces and dry roasted nuts but don’t dare mix up a batch or I will eat the majority of it.

  55. Thanks for participating,I love your projects!!! Thanks for the chance at a prize to, makes it so fun!

  56. Cute little pumpkin patch, I love caramel apples, so yummy.

  57. Love the humor in your quilting. Thanks for sharing your creativity with us. I love all things pumpkin; bread, pie, soup and as decorations.

  58. Your little pumpkin patch is adorable! Good for you for trying something that was scary for you!! Great job!!

  59. Thank you for sharing your fun project! My very favorite would be carmel apples followed by carmel popcorn!!

  60. Cute pumpkins! I love their expressions, and I love the spider web stitching. Great job!

  61. Very cute pumpkins and the poor scared one! How funny. My favorite fall treat is cider and anything made with apples. Of course, any chocolate candy for Halloween is always wonderful too.

  62. I love pumpkin bars – with cream cheese frosting. I’ve already made those twice this “fall” hehe.
    Cute project! 😀

  63. Great project and I’m going with a Apple Martini!!

  64. I love your project! We don’t have See’s candy here, except at Christmas, but I’d love to try those marshmallow treats! My favorite might be pumpkin cheesecake roll — but I am a sweet addict so I am easily swayed, lol. 🙂

  65. I love the marshmallow punkins too. I can sit and eat a whole pack of them. I love your project. Thanks for sharing

  66. I like candy corn and dry roasted salted peanuts mixed together for snacking on, yummy.

  67. Spooky! Great job on your wicked project. I love See’s candy–yum, but haven’t had their marshmallow pumpkins so I’ll have to be on the look-out. I have such a sweet tooth so anything goes for me when it comes to treats:) Thanks for sharing.

  68. candy corn…. also hot chocolate.
    crystalbluern at onlineok dot com

  69. There must be a Wicked Owl in that tree. BOO-tiful quilt. Pumpkin Ravioli in brown butter with Amaretto cookies crumbled on top. YUM!! Cute fabrics. Thank you for Wicked Hopping…

  70. I can’t draw so I totally understand your fear. Your project came out fantastic and your daughter did a great job staging the photo. my favorite fall treat is a recipe I got from the Chew last year. Leftover candy bars are frozen and then put in the food processor and chopped into itty bitty bits. This get sprinkled into the middle of brownies before baking. Here is the link.
    I didn’t bother with a ganache as I don’t like my brownies frosted. This would work with any brownie recipe. PS I’ve already robbed the Halloween stash and have my candy bars in the freezer.

  71. Very cute, I don’t do candy but love all the cool Halloween inspired toys. I always buy them to give out as treats instead of candy.

  72. Bonnie Pfrimmer

    Love your pumkins, such different personalties!! I like candy corn and Starburst came out with one this year that is very addicting. Looks like candy corn but doesn’t taste like it. Thank you for sharing your pumkins with us.

  73. Your pumpkins are adorable. How fun!

  74. Great job on the pumpkins Beth–the sad one looks like he’s about to cry! I share your fear of drawing–a blank sheet of paper is the worst thing, and I’d rather free motion quilt a blank quilt than try to draw on paper! Thanks for sharing your lovely work. 🙂

  75. cute wee pumpkins! And I love the binding you used.
    Favorite treat is candied fruit slices.
    xo jan@sewandsowfarm

  76. Sweet mini quilt. The colourful binding really adds some punch. As for my favorite Halloween treat—popcorn balls made with marshmallows and black and orange jujubes. Thanks for sharing and for offering a giveaway. Happy Halloween.

  77. Your little quilt is sweet! I am a big See’s fan myself, but didn’t know about the marshmallow pumpkins…I usually head straight for the bordeaux’s! My favorite fall treat usually involves something with pumpkin…bread, pie, cake, cheesecake, etc….thanks for sharing and the chance at the giveaway.

  78. What a cute mini quilt. Love the face on the pumpkin nearest the scary tree, he looks like he’s ready to cry. My favorite Halloween treats are mini Kit kat bars and mini Tootsie Rolls.

  79. My favorite halloween treat is not very original – pumpkin flavored ice cream. Thank you for sharing your projects.

  80. I can relate to the scary part of drawing something. I have some creative ability and zero artistic ability. When my daughter was still at home, I relied on her for anything I needed in that vein. Now, I just do without or find something and take it and make copies and cut and paste and cut and paste and cut and paste. Your quilt is absolutely divine. You did a fabulous job and your younger daughter did a superb job of photography. Now, to my favorite fall treat – I really don’t have one. I do like sweets yet I don’t like pumpkin and the traditional fall spices of nutmeg, cinnamon, etc. I go through SPELLS of wanting sweets and right now isn’t one. So, for a fall treat, I really don’t have a favorite. I appreciate the folks who have shared recipes and they sound great and I probably won’t try them because of the ingredients. They are not my forte. Thank you for participating and sharing your amazing creativity and making me laugh (STS).

  81. darling pumpkins 🙂 thanks for sharing – and thanks for the giveaway too ! my favourite treat at anytime of the year is chocolate !!

  82. Thanks for sharing and for the giveaway!

  83. Sweet pumpkins! Thanks for sharing.

  84. Great pumpkins – they look really cute. Thanks for sharing.

  85. I like smarties candies, every year when my girls went trick or treating they would give me any smarties they had.
    smjohns63 at yahoo dot com

  86. Great project!! Thanks for sharing.

  87. I love chocolate pumpkins 😛 Thank you for this giveaway! 🙂

  88. Quilting Tangent

    Apple Cider, Pumpkin Pies, Chocolate Bars, Fall leaves and crisp air are my favorites of the season.

  89. super cute project! I love caramel apples! yum!

    🙂 Kelly @ My Quilt Infatuation

  90. lovely work thanks for sharing! I love coffee crisp bars..yummy

  91. I love cider

  92. IT is so cute!!! Great job!! The border fabric is very cool. Rainbow spiderwebs!! I am very simple I like anything with chocolate!!

  93. Lovely work. Thanks for sharing and the giveaway.

  94. Your pumpkins are just adorable. Being in prime NY apple country, the fresh cider donuts this time of the year can’t be beat. Yum!

  95. Aw, your little mini is so cool! Yum yum, I can’t get enough spiced cider.

  96. My favorite treat is pumpkin bars with cream cheese frosting – also my family’s favorite. Your pp pumpkins are adorable; it’s good to step outside our comfort range; great work.

  97. I wish I could paper piece that well. Great job.

  98. Your pumpkins are so cute! I need to try paper piecing. Thanks for the chance to win the cute fabric and I like anything chocolate.

  99. Cute Pumpkin Trio. My favorite treat are pumpkin peeps.

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