“The Letters” is a Encouraging and Inspiring

Rose Schrock knows that life is uncertain. Didn’t her life change in just a moment when her husband died? Now, having taken shelter with her mother-in-law in her Amish community, Rose struggles with how she will provide for her children. An idea that seems to come out of nowhere might be the answer…or it might be the last straw. Should Rose follow her heart?
Delia Stoltz has it all…until her surgeon husband asked for a divorce on the same day that she receives devastating news about her health. Rather than face her husband and his attorney for divorce negotiations, Delia runs away and finds herself in the bed and breakfast rooms that Rose has carved out of her mother-in-law’s home. Is Delia really closer to God here at the Inn at Eagle Hill or has she only slowed down long enough to hear His voice? Will Rose be able to keep the Inn running in the face of her overwhelming responsibilities? Will both women find healing for the burdens they have brought with them to this place?
Suzanne Woods Fisher delivers a satisfying and Intriguing story about unexpected changes and how sometimes the God in the most unusual places. “The Letters” is a richly satisfying story that will resonate with anyone who has experienced life throwing them a curveball. If you like Amish fiction or just a good story about the triumph of the human heart over circumstances, you’ll like “The Letters.”
This book was provided to me by the publisher for this review. The opinions, however, are entirely my own!

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