“Wicked” is Enchanting Fantasy Set in the 13th Century

“Wicked” is a fun, fast-paced fantasy thriller set in 13th century England. The story is told from the viewpoint of young Hob, an orphan who has been apprenticed to Maeve, a displaced Irish Queen. Maeve, her grand-daughter Nemain, and Maeve’s lover, Jack, find themselves drawn into an encounter with an evil and twisted Sir Tarquin. Since Sir Tarquin’s arrival, mysterious and evil events have occurred which have his neighbor, Sir Odinell, worried. Looking to secure allies for her own future return to the Irish throne, Maeve agrees to battle this evil. Hob’s early years of being raised by the village priest occasionally put him in conflict with Maeve’s beliefs but he follows her into this battle between good and evil.
“Wicked” is a tad slow in the start but rewards the patient reader with a well-spun tale of adventure, evil, ancient Celtic beliefs and an epic showdown between good and evil. Douglas Nicholas has evidently done his research into the workings of daily life in the 13th century. This book will be a pleasure to fantasy and history fans alike. The tale is fresh and well-imagined and does just what a good fantasy book should…takes the reader to another time and place.
“The Wicked” is from Simon and Schuster and is currently scheduled for release in March, 2014.
This book was provided to me from the publisher for this review. My opinions, however, are entirely my own!

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