Fabric Fun!

Some days are just lucky!  On Monday of this week, I got my fabric I ordered for this weekend’s quilter’s tea and look what was on it!  (I measured, ’cause I’m just that way, and there is a whole extra yard!)


Then, I went to quilt guild.  I got there a few minutes late and didn’t get a door prize ticket.  I remembered just before the drawing and got one.  I was called first!  Really, that’s almost too much good fabric fortune in one day and this is what I picked!  Isn’t it adorable?


Look at all those Halloween yummy fabrics!


The next morning, I stopped at the thrift store to look for a 8×8 glass baking pan.  I didn’t find that but I did find a bag of fabrics for $4.  After I sorted out the ones I wouldn’t quilt with (which my daycare kids were thrilled to take home), I had 8 yards of good quilting fabric for $4!  At least two of the fabrics are more than two yards…I especially love the two black, white and red fabrics.


There’s a panel that’s very Christmasy which will make a great start to a back for my Christmas quilt, too.  Other than that, I’ve been working on my project for the Wicked Blog Hop.  I’ve designed this one my “own self” (as my daughter said when she was little) and I’m very excited!  Of course, I have to keep you in suspense until the hop but isn’t suspense and mystery what Halloween is all about?  Ok, maybe not, we all know it’s really about the candy!  In the meantime, here’s a picture I can share of a beautiful tree from my walk this morning.  Now, I really, really must catch up my book reviews.  I’ve been reading some great new books and can’t wait to tell you about them!


Happy quilting,


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