Winners and It’s Good to be Back!

I’ve always had a theory that it takes about twice the number of days you were gone to get truly back in the groove when you get home.  Of course, if that were true,  I’d have another three weeks before I get caught up and I simply haven’t the time for that!  So, a quick bit of housekeeping catch-up.  I let Mr. Random choose a winner for both the Twisting to the 60’s Blog Hop and the Pincushion Blog Hop. The winning comment from Twisting to the 60’s is comment #59 (as you can see if you twist your computer around a bit!)


The winner for the Pincushion Blog Hop comment #33.


I’ll be contacting both winners for their addresses so I can get their packages in the mail on Tuesday.

When I came home from Ireland, I was hit with a bad case of what my mom always calls the “housewifelies.”  I spent my first weekend home deep cleaning my room.  Then I turned my attention on the big bookcase in the living room.  Now I’m getting started serving eviction notices to the many dust bunnies residing in my sewing room.  However, I’m well aware that moderation is important in all things so I took a break from cleaning to make the final block in last year’s mystery quilt from Carol Doak.


I’m also knee-deep in designing my project for the Wicked Blog Hop.  As you can see below, there’s wonderful Autumn inspiration almost everywhere I look!


Now that I’m home, it’s my brother’s turn for a trip which leaves us babysitting my 120-pound “nephew dog.”  My brother is fond of saying that Coop is “All Lab but mostly moose!”  Here’s a shot of Coop hanging out on the couch watching football with my husband.  We decided the sad look was because there was football and no pizza!


I’ve got a bunch of posts that will be coming soon.  I got several books read in Ireland that need reviewing and a few wonderful highlights from the trip I want to share.  In the meantime, I’m heading up to the sewing room with my timer, my water bottle, my allergy dusting spray and my kindle.  I’ve gotten into watching the series “Bones” on Netflix on my kindle and I want to catch up before I start watching this season’s episodes that I’ve recorded.  (Can I just say that I’m a sucker for romances where the two people involved don’t realize how great they are together, i.e. Pride and Prejudice?)  I’m sure I’ll get some cleaning done before I settle in to get some much-needed sewing time in.  (Don’t laugh…it could happen!)

Happy quilting!


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