“The Troop” is Haunting and Harrowing

Five teenage boys and their scout leader (Dr Tim) head off to a lonely island near their home in Prince Edward Island for a weekend of back-woods adventure. Unfortunately, they are on a collision course with disaster. A raggedly, starving stranger appears in their midst bringing with him a level of danger they’ve never imagined from a source they can’t comprehend. With all the elements of a scary campfire story, Nick Cutter plunges the reader deep into a story that is thrilling and horrifying and deeply disturbing.
While I’ll admit that horror isn’t usually my genre, I have to give Nick Cutter top marks for “The Troop.” Without giving away much of the plot, let me just say that it was probably the best appetite suppressant I’ve been exposed to in years! Cleverly constructed with clear characters and a troubling story line, “The Troop” will be well-loved by horror/suspense fans. The book holds your attention from beginning to end and lures you into a world which leaves you wondering how far science might be willing to go. “The Troop” is scheduled for release in January of 2014.
This book was provided to me by Gallery Books for this review. The opinions, however, are entirely my own.

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