A Winner, a Few Blocks and Too Cute Not to Share

Ok, the worst of the heat in Oregon feels like it’s going away and with its departure, my energy levels are going back up!  So, I block tested this pattern for Kristy over at Quiet Play.  I wish I hadn’t used such a dark red for the book binding but I love the Christmas music fabric.  There’s a great place in the pattern to fussy-cut a picture but I paper-pieced a little tree using Carol Doak’s Foundation factory software.  Isn’t this fun?  You should pop over to Kristy’s site and see the Mermaid block she has coming!


The next thing I crossed off my list was the block of the week for the Aiming for Accuracy Quilt Along.  Now, I’m going to admit something here, please don’t tell on me…but I’m not using the same methods they use.  Shhh, don’t tell on me. I just have a real thing against the whole “draw a line down the middle of the square and sew on both sides” type of triangle piecing.  It seems much more complicated to me than just cutting triangles and sewing them together.  That being said, I do have a machine with great tension so it is probably easier for me than for some!  I believe that every quilter should use the technique that works best for them (no quilt police allowed in my sewing room!)  I’m having such fun prowling through my fat quarters for inspiration for these.  I love the kitties in these blocks.


This photo was my “just too cute not to share.”  The other night, my younger daughter strolled into the sewing room with her cat happily draped around her neck like a scarf.   She has her hands on his paws but she wasn’t holding him there at all…he’s just that kind of cat!







Finally, the winner of the coffee and chocolate fat quarters from the Hexie Hop is Comment #13 as chosen by Mr. Random.  I’ll be double and triple counting and will contact the winner for a snail mail address.


That’s it for me for the moment.  Expect another rush of book reviews and I’ll be giving away a book in one of the reviews so keep your eyes open!

Happy Quilting,


3 responses to “A Winner, a Few Blocks and Too Cute Not to Share

  1. I love the little tree in the book block – great idea and it looks so sweet! Thanks for testing for me 🙂

    Great pic of your daughter with the cat too!!

  2. Hi Beth! Your book block turned out great. That little tree is awesome! I could not agree with you more in your statement about quilters using the methods that work best for them. PS. My daughter, too, is a real cat lover. Thanks for sharing that sweet pic!

  3. By golly, it was me!! I’m tickled to death. Thanks for being patient and e-mailing me twice to let me know. Funny you should say that about making HSTs I can’t sew triangles into a block successfully for all the tea in China, and I’ve been quilting for over 30 years!! I’ll gladly take the time to draw the lines! Thanks again, Beth!!

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