My Hexie Day (and a giveaway!)

The theme song for my life could be the White Rabbit’s “I’m late, I’m late for a very important date!”  As I like to say, I was born 11 days late and that’s pretty much been my time-table since!  So, I was working on at a good clip today on my hexie project but then I ran into this when I was auditioning borders…


Then this when I tried to photograph the finished top…


This was the face I got when I suggested Grif might want to move somewhere else…


Then he went for the cute factor (“Mom, I’m too cute and comfortable to move.”)image

Finally, I was able to get a cat-free photo of, you guessed it, a cat and hexie quilt!  I wonder if all the cats thought it was a portrait of them?  Even Zoe came and curled up on it but my camera was acting up at the time.


This was a top from a class I took more than 10 years ago in Sisters.  We were supposed to finish the top with cut and fused pieces of leaf fabric but, well, you may have heard me say that I can’t fuse so when I saw a hexie piece in the Say It With Flowers Hop…I knew what I had to do!  So, finally, my kitty has a flower garden and my cats have a new favorite project!  Thanks to Debby K. and Madam Samm for another wonderful bit of inspiration!


And on to the giveaway…believe it or not, I didn’t purposely schedule for my birthday to be my blog hop day but it just fell together that way!  So, I thought about what I’d be doing on my 50th and I knew it would include tea and chocolate so here’s a way I can share my birthday treats with you!  Just leave me a comment and I’ll draw at the end of the hop.


Be sure to hop on over to the rest of today’s wonderful hoppers…

Thursday, August 22

Words and Stitches  (That’s me!)
Happy Quilting,


117 responses to “My Hexie Day (and a giveaway!)

  1. Happy Birthday! Best wishes on your special day – be sure to celebrate!

    Your kitties have me smiling while I admire your quilt top. Beautifully done!

    Way to be a Hexie Queen!

  2. There is nothing better than a quilt with a cat…or is that a cat with a quilt…either way….love it!!!!

  3. ohhhhhh my word…I just love this , talk about pets on quilts…yours is right in the fibres…totally are most certainly QUEEN will see wink.

  4. So sweet, just love your cat quilt.

  5. Cute for sure ! I thought there was 2 cats for a minute !

  6. Congratulations on your birthday! I love your quilt (with the cats it is even more beautiful, or so my quilt-tester believes). Have a great day and eat loads of chocolate!

  7. Happy Bday! At first I thought there are two real cats 🙂 Nice!

  8. Happy Birthday! Today is my daughter’s 34th. When I saw the first pic, I thought there two actual cats on the quilt – amazing job on the cat. And the hexies are absolutely gorgeous and you did an impeccable job on them. Thank your for participating and sharing a wonderful quilt with us.

  9. Birthday greetings! You have a great model for your hexie project. He maybe sees his twin. Great job; love your fabric choices. swalker287(at)gmail(dot)com.

  10. Happy Birthday!
    I love your quilt – as do your cats!!
    I hope you have a great day!

  11. Happy 50th birthday! I love your quilt tester, Grif. My cat does the exact same thing. When I layout my blocks, she joins in and rearranges them to her liking. When I’m auditioning fabrics, she jumps right in. Then when there’s a photo shoot so that I can upload to flickr, she’s there again. She gets so exhausted that she has to nap on the quilt. She’s a gift from my son. Michael gave her to me when she was just 4 months old before he left for the Army so that I have company while his Dad is at work. She’s 10 years old now going on 11 and she’s an expert quilt tester. Thank you for sharing photos of your cat and your hexagon quilt. I really enjoyed them. Have a wonderful birthday! May you have many more.

  12. Wonderful quilt!! I bet the cats think they are lying down with a friend there. Great pictures!

  13. Happy Birthday!! That’s one clever quilt! Very nicely done. Cat’s are funny people, huh?

  14. What a lovely piece! I like the flowerborder very much together with yur bunch of flowers. Very cute!

  15. Happy birthday. Great quilt – no wonder your cats love it. Thanks for sharing.

  16. Your 50th Bday is “exactly” one month after my 50th Bday!!! So, I hope you have a blast!!! I absolutely love your hexie quilt with the cat! My cat, Sapphire, also gives me dirty looks when I am photographing my quilts (I just posted this week a photo of her claiming one of my projects. Check it out and you will see what I mean! Thanks for joining the blog hop!

  17. Happy birthday. Turning 50 is a blast! Life only gets better. My birthday is Tuesday.

  18. Happy Birthday!
    Your cat & hexies quilt is wonderful.

  19. Happy Birthday- hmmm quilting, chocolate, and coffee-I think you and I could be best friends!

  20. Happy Birthday to a fellow mid-century classic! (I’m turning 50 next week, and that’s what my husband has started calling me lol.) Your quilt is very clever and adorable!

  21. Happy, happy birthday. Wishing you wonderful presents of lots of fabric and heaps of happiness. Your quilt is so cute, i might have to make one with a picture of my dog. Thanks for a sweet giveaway too.

  22. Very, very cute! I love cats and hexies, so this is a perfect combo 🙂

  23. This quilt is so cute! It’s made even better when you see the inspiration for it! I hope you had a great birthday.

  24. Happy Birthday. What a lovely project and wonderful kitty.

  25. Awwwww…how cute is that?! Love the quilt and kitty. Happy, happy, happy birthday to you; bet you get some cat love 😉

  26. Oh that is gorgeous!! I love the cat’s eyes in your quilt. You did fantastic!!

  27. Love the wall hanging. The cat is trying so hard to hide behind the flowers. Happy Birthday and thanks for having a give away.

  28. Beautiful quilt and Grif is quite the character!! Happy birthday!

  29. Happy Birthday.Beautiful projecta and adorable cat!
    Chocolare,coffee and quilting…delicious.

  30. Cutest pictures ever! Happy birthday. :). Blessings, Marlene

  31. Love your quilt and your ideas! My fav of today!

  32. Your quilt is beautiful! No wonder Grif thought it was for him! How funny!

  33. Best birthday wishes. The quilt and cat are very nice!

  34. Happy birthday! What a fun quiltie, and your kitties love it! 🙂

  35. Happy birthday! Everyone loves chocolates. lol. No wonder your cats love this quilt–the cat looks so realistic–like he could get up, stretch and move on. Wonderful work!

  36. Happy Birthday! I love your project, I have yet to make something with hexies. Your adventures in taking photos made me smile.

  37. Love the quilt. Grif looks like my baby….. Thanks so much for sharing

  38. Love the cat quilt with the hexie flowers. Just beautiful. Happy Birthday too!!!

  39. Happy birthday Love that cat quilt. Your cat thinks it is his.

  40. Happy birthday! I think Grif likes his new friend. I love how the nexies and border colours bring a sparkle to the quilt.

  41. Happy Birthday! We share the same month but mine was a few days ago and a few years on you.
    Robin in Washington State
    assweetaspeaches hotmail

  42. Happy Birthday!

    Love your quilt!

  43. Happy Birthday! That is too funny that Grif was loving his new “friend”! Thank you for sharing

  44. I hope I win chocolate fabric…cause my zipper don’t wanna stay closed with all the real chocolate…. Happy sweet chocolate birthday Hugs

  45. Happy Birthday! Looks like you Cat has a little Birthday present too!

  46. Its lovely – I can see why the cat adored it too!

  47. Happy Birthday! Your cat quilt is fabulous! Love it! Thanks for participating and inspiring us today!

  48. What a great quilt. Your cat is really liking it.

  49. barbara corbitt

    you did a wonderful job! your kitty baby is so very cute. happy birthday. keep up the great work babscorbitt at gmail. com

  50. Happy Birthday, my son is convinced you have “our” kitty on your quilt, he also thinks he see’s a snake in the photo you have of the fabric you are giving away.

  51. Happy birthday…Nice job on the quilt and I think your cat has found a new sleeping mat. He’s just claiming his territorial rights. thanks for the lovely birthday giveaway too

    ABreading4fun [at] gmail [dot] com

  52. Happy Birthday! Love your quilt and the cat is so cute! Thank you for the giveaway.

  53. happy Birthday!! And i love your quilt. i think your kitties do too. You should enter the Pets On Quilts show next year. Have a great Birthday!
    xo jan@sewandsowfarm

  54. Happy Birthday! Hope you get everything you wished for. I love your quilt. I have a cat, KC and she does the same thing. Any quilt on the floor, or anything I go to do, she is on top of. What great buddies we have. I adore your wall handing, the fabrics are perfect!!!

  55. Love your creation and your kitty. Thanks for the chance to win.

  56. Happy Birthday! Love the quilt and Grif’s photos make it even better! Thanks for sharing and thanks for the giveaway!

  57. ohhh my such a cute piece!!!! Thanks for the chance

  58. what a wonderful way to celebrate your birthday, hope it is a great one!!!! And thanks for the chance

  59. Well, Grif sure has good taste! That is a darling quilt, and the pictures are so cute. Speaking of taste — thanks for such a tastey give away!

  60. Cat approved so you know your quilt is purrfect. Happy Birthday!

  61. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! (mine was 2 weeks ago) Your hexie flowers are so cute on your quilt. It’s always nice getting it kitty approved.

  62. Love your kitty on the cute quilt. Happy Birthday to you.

  63. Happy Birthday! I love you quilt and your kitties!

  64. I love that! I am not as patient as you are when my cat claims my quilts in progress as his, but after seeing your cute photos, I might just keep my camera handy

  65. Your Griff could be a double almost for my Skyler, in appearance and behavior this week. I cannot keep him off my stuff this week, at all. How clever to use the hexies for the cat’s flower garden! Happy Bday to you and thx for the giveaway opportunity.

  66. your cat is hilarious–mine lays on my fabric all the time too! Drives me crazy 😉

  67. I love your kitty. I had a tuxedo kitty but he died a year ago. It made me smile to see yours. Thanks for sharing. I may just make a similar kitty wall hanging to remind me of DC. Your lovely flowers and kitty are just perfect.

  68. I love, love, love the quilt! (I thought for a minute I was seeing 2 cats)!
    Very well done.

  69. Awe, that is so sweet. I love kitties they are so helpful. I have 3 helpers 😉

  70. My puppy dog does the same thing to me when I lay a project on the floor! Guess it has to pass the pet test! I like your finished project. Thanks.

  71. Happy Birthday!!!!
    My kitties would love to lay on your quilt too:) I only have 6 of them:) hee hee!!! Great job!

  72. What a fun way to celebrate your birthday! I just love that kitty and hexie quilt…it is so cute! Sweet face on your real kitty, too. :O)

  73. Such a beautiful quilt. I really love the border fabric. Looks like Grif has already claimed this quilt as his own. Cute pictures too.

  74. Jenelle Boxberger

    Enjoy your special day and thanks for sharing the day with us on your blog. Love your quilt.

  75. Happy birthday and thanks for sharing your day with us . Your quilt is amazing. I love it very much.

  76. Happy birthday! Congrats on being a top pick of the day. Love your pictures of your project, your cat is a great photo subject!

  77. Love your little hexie quilt with the kitty, so cute. I have 3 rescue felines who LOVE fabric. Happy B-Day, and by the way, I have a daughter who was born early, later was determined by the pediatrician to be a “premie.” It was the only time in her life that she was early! Thanks for sharing.

  78. OK. I”m not big on cats, but I know people love them like I love my dog. That said . . . your quilt is perfectly awesome! What a clever lady you are to keep a UFO until you find the right inspiration to finish it. I think the hexies are much better than those silly, little leaves anyway. And your cat is very cute, btw. I’ve had cats in my life and I loved them for sure. Very, very wonderful hexie project! Thanks for sharing everything today.

  79. Sweet hexies on your darling quilt.

  80. I’ll be joining you on that special 50 birthday this year! I’ll be celebrating with homemade Chocolate Milky Way Ice Cream!!!

  81. Happy Birthday!!!! I will be 52 in about a week….wecome to the 50’s club! I absolutely love your beautiful quilt. I have two kitties that like to do the same thing. I am pretty sure that they think they are quality control because they are always right there on top of everything when I am sewing. Gotta love’em! Thank you! anglanouette at gmail dot com

  82. Happy Birthday to you and congratulations to this great finish.
    Your quilt and your cat are gorgeous and your pictures make me lol ☺
    Best wishes to you!

  83. Happy Birthday!! I am new to quilting, and my moms blog led me to you! What a wonderful blog, so great to meet you! May you be blessed today and many more to come!

  84. Bonnie Pfrimmer

    I totally love that quilt. The colors are fantastic and the eyes on the kitty are amazing!! Wonderful… Happy, Happy Birthday …. I hope you had a great day…

  85. I love your quilt, they hexie flower garden and the cat enjoying your project. My cats always help me out with my projects too.

  86. Happy Birthday and great quilt, and love the pics with the cat.

  87. I just love your cat quilt! We have 2 black & white cats and they both love to be involved with any quilting I have out. Happy Birthday Beth! Thanks for sharing!

  88. I like your cat quilt and so does my hubby! In the second picture he thought it looked like two real cats on the quilt.
    Happy Birthday too!

  89. I’m always late. I don’t understand how it happens, I do start out on time, but manage to end up late. I am just beginning a Hexie journey. I have the hexies cut and the plastic thingys to sew them together. See, I’m already late.

  90. Love the cat on and in your quilt. LOL. Great little project!

  91. Love your kitty cat(s). Both are beautiful. Thanks for sharing and for the opportunity.

  92. Happy Birthday! You have a very pretty quilt and a very pretty kitty. Great use of hexies!

  93. Sandra Davidson

    Love your pillow and your Kittyisn’t it amazing how they always turn up and lay right in middle of project, I have one that does that to .


  95. Happy Birthday!! Love your cats & the quilt, too! Thanks for the chance
    to win!

  96. Too darn cute!!! He obviously thought you made it for him since it had his picture on it!!!

  97. The look on Grif’s face makes me laugh! I’ve looked at it a couple of times now and I’m still snickering about it! heeheehee

  98. Love your cat quilt and your real tuxedo cat! Happy Birthday!!

  99. Very cute. Love the kitty posing.

  100. Oh Happy Day! Birthdays are best when cats and quilts help celebrate! 🙂
    May your year be filled with many happy hours quilting!!!

  101. Love your cat quilt! Your cat is too funny!

  102. Pets on quilts AND hexi! NICE! :o) Thanks for sharing!!

  103. Aw, that is so cute! Your quilt turned out just beautifully and looks like it is well loved already.

  104. How cute of your cat. The quilt is adorable. Happy Birthday!

  105. Happy birthday! Love that kitty quilt–great idea to add the hexies to it.

  106. Happy belated Birthday Beth! I love your cat, that face… lol 🙂 Thank you for sharing your project, it turned out great, I like it a lot and will start working on convincing my husband I need to make one.

  107. Cats are so funny. Your hexie project is great…Love that cat too! Thanks for sharing and thanks for the giveaway chance.

  108. What a cute bunch of hexie flowers…fit right in there. Thanks for sharing with all of us!

  109. My Cat would do exactly the same thing – hope you had a beautiful birthday. Thanks for being part of the hop.

  110. mary fanara coleman

    Happy Birthday and so absolutely darn kittie cute.

  111. Hiya Beth!!! Happy birthday!!! What a cute little cat quilt. A quilt in a quilt, and a cat on a cat lol. So darling. Thanks for sharing and for having the giveaway. Blessed be, hugs!!! Pam

    pamspretties57 at gmail dot com

  112. Love it! Cats have a way of letting us know who is really in charge! Thanks for sharing your projects

  113. Your cat is so cute!! They sure can be silly things. I have two cats myself. Your quilt is great. I love the hexie flowers. That is a wonderful border! Great choice.

  114. Great kitty – both the real and the fabric one!! Love the hexie flowers and kitty looks like she’s loving a snuggle amid them.

  115. Happy Belated Birthday! I think the cats have all given their approval of your quilt – I know I have!

  116. Happy Birthday.. belated Hope you had a great Day !!!
    Love your Hexie quilt, so beautiful. It’s so unique to have your pet(s) on a quilt. I need to do that myself. Thanks for the giveaway, enjoyed the hop.

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