“Glittering Promises” Blends Romance, Travel and Intrigue

Cora Diehl-Kensington’s life has taken some amazing turns. Making the Grand Tour with her newly-found siblings has been more of an adventure than she ever imagined. Now, the press is on the hunt for the new heiress and promises to make life even more difficult. In addition, Cora is torn between the father who has recently entered her life and the man she knew as her father. Can she find the room in her heart to love him in spite of his controlling ways? And, speaking of love, can her love for the handsome but poor William McCabe withstand the tests that lay ahead or is she truly better suited to someone like the handsome, wealthy Pierre de Richelieu?
Sometimes it is easy to pick up in the middle (or in this case the end) of a series but “Glittering Promises” should probably be read in the proper order as the third of three. Despite the sketchy back story (and isn’t weaving back story into sequels quite the tricky issue…it always seems too much or too little), it was relatively easy to pick up the threads of the story line and immerse myself in the story. Cora is a likable, fallible heroine and McCabe is equally well done. The two of them have their difficulties and are wonderfully imperfect and Cora’s relationship with her father is appropriately difficult. There were times that the pacing seemed to fall off a bit but, overall, this one of the better books I’ve read in the Christian Historic Fiction/Romance genre. The character’s faith is an integral part of the story but is portrayed in a way that doesn’t sermonize.
Suitable for readers of high school age and up, “Glittering Promises” delivers a fun, satisfying romance set against the beauty of Italy in the early 1900’s. “Glittering Promises” is scheduled for release October 1, 2013, which gives you plenty of time to read the first two books before it come out!
This book was provided to me by David C. Cook (publishers) for this review. The opinions are, however, entirely my own!

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