Fixing an “Oh #$%#$%!#$%!” Moment!

Don’t you hate those “Oh, @#%@#%” moments when you’re cutting or piecing?  Not the kind that can be fixed with a simple seam ripper but the kind like I had yesterday.  I was trimming blocks for Block 3 of the Aiming for Accuracy Quilt Along when I did this






I realized just a second too late that I had lined the ruler up on the 5.25″ line instead of the 5.5″.  Oops!  And, of course, I didn’t have enough of the blue to cut another six-inch square…so, what’s a girl to do?

Well, first, of course, I panicked…just a little.  Then I tried to decide if I could sub in another blue.  Then, I made a plan.  I didn’t have enough to cut a 6″ square but I could piece together a 6″ piece from what I had left.

IMG_20130808_094252It looked better after it was pressed. From this, I took my trusty half-square triangle ruler (the one that sat in my sewing room for years before Bonnie Hunter taught me the joys of using it!)


IMG_20130808_094435I lined up the ruler and cut a triangle for a 5.5″ finished square.







IMG_20130808_094454Here’s my triangle (see how the ruler trims one of the dog ears for you…I love that!)




IMG_20130808_094733I took the new triangle and put it with the remaining uncut side of the old block which I had carefully ripped the seam on.



Stitched it back together with a narrow seam and, voila!  You can hardly see the patch!



IMG_20130808_095013Once it was trimmed and added to the pile, it was hard to tell where the problem had been.  You can bet, however, that I double and triple checked my lines on all the other blocks as I trimmed them!



And here’s my finished number three block.  I’m thinking that we were supposed to have two different colors for the big triangles but it’s too late now.  I’m actually kind of intrigued with the secondary design.  Can you imagine what it would look like with those blocks together without the sashing?

We always hope that our quilting will be fun and with no mishaps but the next time you have an “Oh #%@#%” moment, remember, you are a quilter and therefore a creative, innovative problem solver!

Happy quilting!


P.S. Expect a surge of book reviews…I’ve been privileged to read some advance copies of some great books coming out soon!  I’m especially excited to tell you about “The Girl.”



2 responses to “Fixing an “Oh #$%#$%!#$%!” Moment!

  1. Had one of those moments last night myself. Trimmed three blocks to 5 7/8″ along two sides and then realized they were to be trimmed at 6″. Glad I didn’t get many more done before I clued into what I had done. Fortunately I had lots of material to make new blocks and the error is only a memory.

  2. I only used one fabric for the large triangles too. I had enough of it so figured I’d use it!

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