Ho, Ho, Whew! (and a give away)

Ok, talk about the skin of your teeth or sliding into home just under the glove!  It’s my busy time of the year with kiddos for nearly 12 hours a day and, well, I know you never do this but I kind of bit off a bit more than I could chew!  Here I am, exactly 30 minutes before the deadline and my quilt top is still hot  from the final ironing of borders.  Why?   Well, first I decided to play around with some scraps from a friend.  Remember the Lone Star I quilted for my friend with the pieced back?  Well, where she joined the strips for the back, she had all these leftover triangles and I thought…hmmm…Christmas scraps?  Ho, ho, ho!  I also had my first ever Dresden Plate block in Christmas colors.  So, the triangles became pinwheels and, well, I’m going to stop telling and just show you.  I call this one, “Scraps of Christmas Past.”  It is twin sized and will be the first of the four Christmas quilts I hope to make to cover our beds each year.



Every piece came from something I already had in the stash but it was the decision to do the piano key border that really had me sweating my timing.  You see, this weekend was the Writer’s Conference (more on that in another post) and I was gone all day on Friday, Saturday and today, Sunday, I didn’t get home until nearly six.  So, there you have it…a 2.5 hour piano key border!

Now, for the giveaway.  Since Ho, Ho, Ho is our theme, I went with a 1/2-yard of this pretty fabric. I loved the wintry theme but it is not so limiting as some Christmas fabrics.  All you have to do is leave a comment and make sure I have a way to reach you. I’ll have Mr. Random draw a number at the end of the hop.


Now, you won’t want to miss what all the other (oh, no, certainly that’s too bad a joke even for me to make) Ho, Ho, Ho’ers have been up to so hop on.  First, however, let me express my thanks to the wonderful Carol and Madam Samm for these blog hops that liven up my life and bring me into contact with such wonderful, creative and supportive people…like you!

Here’s the rest of today’s line up

August 5
Happy (and maybe not quite so hurried) quilting,

116 responses to “Ho, Ho, Whew! (and a give away)

  1. beautiful…and I understand making it with little time to spare. my day was today also and I was sweating it too…thanks for the lovely fabric giveaway also love it

    ABreading4fun [at] gmail [dot] com

  2. Love your Christmas quilt, beautiful! Thank you for sharing.

  3. Great job Beth!!! I love it!

  4. I love quilts that come from stash – working with what you have, sweating timelines, and then the thrill of the end. And I love piano key borders!!

  5. It is a great quilt – it would be awesome to make one for everyones bed out of scraps. We love pinwheels – beautiful

  6. WOW! I am still struggling to finish my first Christmas quilt….and that isn’t even big enough to cover a bed. And you are planning FOUR of those beauties! AMAZING! I love it.

  7. Great work ! Thank you for sharing ! Have a nice day 😀

  8. Thank you for the post and for the giveaway.

  9. Nice quilt – and finished! My first Christams quilt is still waiting to be quilted after 10 years….

    Why have Inever seen the Dr Who QAL before? Perhaps my Whovian senses are heightened because of yesterday’s announcement.

  10. Your quilt is wonderful and I am into using my stash this year also. I don;t know that I have a big enough Christmas fabric stash but yours looks truly wonderful great job.

  11. Love your Dresden. Thanks for sharing.

  12. Darlington Delights

    Wow! I am in awe. It is obvious you put a lot of work into this beauty even though you didn’t have a lot of time on your hands. I love the piano border…it was worth the 2.5 hours…it really makes the entire quilt pop. Great job and thanks for sharing it with us.

  13. Great quilt! and a great use of scraps!

  14. Love the border. It was worth the hustle.

  15. Your Christmas quilt is so lovely. Thanks for sharing and being part of this fun blog hop

  16. I love your quilt and the border makes it really special! Thank you for sharing with us.

  17. wow – nice work! Thanks for sharing it with us.

  18. Your Christmas quilt is just beautiful, an inspiration to use up my stash! Thank you for sharing on this blog hop.

  19. Great quilt, and the piano key border was exactly perfect. I am glad you chose to include it.

  20. Joyce Mitchell

    Lovely quilt. Thanks for sharing. (You’re making 4 bed-sized Christmas quilts? Oh my.)

  21. Ohhhh I am feeling it the holiday spirit is in that quilt….gorgeous my dear…
    you are making 3 more …wow

  22. Your project looks great! I love a piano key border.

  23. Gorgeous quilt! You are certainly ambitious to plan to make 4 lol.

  24. Love your Christmas quilt, thanks for sharing.

  25. just lovely quilt….thanks for sharing

  26. Your quilt is wonderful!

  27. Good work ! Thank you for sharing!

  28. Great use of ufo objects left laying in a drawer. Fabulous!

  29. I love piano key borders – and even though you were last minute it turned out gorgeous! blessings, marlene

  30. Beautiful quilt!

  31. Lovely quilt – thanks for sharing in the hop! I could never manage your To Do list – high five for you!!

  32. I really like your quilt top. What a creative use of scraps and fabrics in your stash!

  33. Glad you were able to finish up. The keyboard border is wonderful. It sets off the rest of the quilt beautifully.

  34. Thanks for sharing. I need some Christmas fabric my stash is very low on this and after this blog hop it will be empty.

  35. Love your quilt. Thanks for the chance to win.

  36. How beautiful! You certainly finished it quickly!

  37. Beautiful quilt! I love the block setting!

  38. What a great, scrappy quilt. My favorite kind. So glad you were able to pull only from your stash. thanks for sharing today!

  39. That is just so gorgeous…I love all the blocks you added to it! What a great Christmas quilt! Thanks for hopping with us and sharing you beautiful project. :O)

  40. What a great quilt and how neat that it is all out of scraps! Thanks for sharing!

  41. I love your project. I know it has to feel good to have something ready for the holidays.Thank you for participating in the hop.

  42. Your quilt is beautiful, I love that you used what you had. I made a piano key border once, I really adds a lot to your quilt.

  43. Great quilt top! It will be lovely quilted up for the holidays. Thanks for sharing!

  44. Nothing like a deadline for motivation. LOL Good job! Thanks for the giveaway.

  45. Great quilt. I am impressed that you are planning too do a few for this year as i am a slow worker. Thank you for a lovely giveaway too.

  46. Wonderful quilt, especially all made out of your stash. I always love a piano key border. Thanks for sharing.

  47. What a great Christmas quilt, and I am so impressed by your speedy border. I’m still working on my project–I’ve got today and tomorrow. lol

  48. Lovely Christmas quilt.

  49. barbara corbitt

    love your project. i am not a procrasinator, im too anal for that, but one christmas i finised a quilt for a friend who is a cancer patient by putting in the last stitches in the binding as she was walking to the door. beautiful fabric

  50. I love the name you gave this gorgeous quilt. Now you will have to name the next 3 as well! You do good work under pressure!

  51. barbara corbitt

    love the project

  52. Great quilt!
    Love when it is free:) haha!!! Meaning I already had everything for it:) I always make sure to mention that to hubby too:)

  53. Lovely quilt! Great inspiration for Christmas…

  54. Wow! It’s gorgeous!! Love the border 🙂

  55. Congratulations for using your stash! I need to do that so much more than I do. I love your quilt – it just FEELS like Christmas.

  56. Your quilt is very beautiful! I enjoy pinwheels and how they create movement in a quilt. Thank you for the chance at the fabric, it’s so pretty and I love the birds on it.

  57. Love the piano key border! Great addition to you Christmas quilt!

  58. Now I want to make a Xmas quilt for every bed in the house! And I never bite off more than I can chew…ahem. great job – glad you got to finish!
    xo jan

  59. Ohhhh I so love scrappy quilts, and this one is just the best! You just might have inspired me to get my rear in gear and start on one myself. Thanks so much for that! By the way, I love the arm holding the bell! LOL!

  60. What a great jog. It is a very pretty Quilt.
    Thanks for sharing

  61. What a beautiful Christmas quilt. Thanks for the opportunity to win the fabric.

  62. Count me in.

  63. Great job. Love the design and the wonderful piano border. Thanks for sharing and the chance to win.

  64. I adore scrappy anything, it is my weakness, I beg scraps of every one and will swap a fat quarter for scraps at the drop of a hat.

  65. I must say that was fast sewing With the piano keys ! Your quilt is beautiful !

  66. Wow…..that was fast sewing….your quilt reminds me of peppermint candy….love it…great giveaway….thanks

  67. Hiya Beth!!! What a beautiful quilt!!! I’m doing pinwheels too, on a baby quilt. I love your quilt and determination to get it done on time. Thanks for sharing and for having the giveaway. Merry Christmas, blessed be, hugs!!! Pam

    pamspretties57 at gmail dot com

  68. Love your quilt, and the piano border is great. Thanks for the giveaway.

    (smjohns63 at yahoo dot com)

  69. I really love scrappy quilts and yours looks beautiful. The pinwheels and the piano borders really make the quilt. You did a wonderful job. Thank you so much for sharing.

  70. Your quilt is beautiful. So much detail and lots of interesting designs. Nice job.

  71. That is one gorgeous quilt. I like the color contrasts.

  72. Wow, that is a beautiful quilt! Someone is going to have wonderful peppermint forest dreams this year!!

  73. Quilting Tangent

    Pretty scrappy stash quilt.

  74. Gorgeous! You have talent! 🙂

  75. OOOH that Dresden Plate is so striking in the holiday colors! It does look a good bit like a peppermint candy. Hooray for you finding a use for the leftover scraps from the other project. Good job getting it done this far, just in the (St.) Nick of time.

  76. Bonnie Pfrimmer

    What a beautiful quilt. You are so creative to put that all together. Thank you for sharing.

  77. Your quilt is adorable. I love how your used peppermint candy fabric.

  78. Love your gorgeous christmas quilt.Thanks for sharing!

  79. Your quilt is beautiful! I like how you incorporated traditional pieces to make something so unique! What a great idea to have Christmas bed quilts!

  80. Love your quilt. It’s great. Thanks so much for sharing

  81. Your quilt is lovely….and from your scraps…do a happy dance!! Thanks for sharing with all of us.

  82. My daughter’s first comment was peppermint! It looks great….

  83. Your christmas quilt is absoutely gorgeous, Thanks for sharing and the chance to win.

  84. Great project. Thanks for sharing.

  85. Love the quilt. Very Christmacy. Is that a word. I don’t think so . Very pretty fabric for your give away.

  86. Great quilt, love the colors, and design and thanks for the giveaway

  87. Cynthia Zoller

    Pretty giveaway fabric!

  88. Margaret Parks

    Wonderful cheery quilt. Thank you for sharing.


  89. Your quilt may have slid in just under the gun, but it’s an awesome Christmas quilt. I really love it. Beautiful job.

  90. LOVE the piano border on that – I’m going to have to try doing that on a quilt now. 🙂 Beautiful piece and amazing what you have in your stash! 🙂

  91. What a great start for four quilts for your beds for Christmas! You hit a homer and slid in just in time. You are amazing to make the piano key border in such a short time and get a finish!!!! I love the Christmas fabric in your generous giveaway. Thanks for participating and sharing your great creativity. Many, many thanks.

  92. Annette Schultz

    what a cozy quilt the kids are holding….. will they wait until Christmas to use it???
    thanks for sharing to day
    in stitches

  93. Your quilt turned out very pretty. border looks great

  94. Such a beautiful Christmas quilt!

  95. Sandra Davidson

    Beautiful quilt don’t we all know what it is like to bite off more than we can chew but somehow we come through and you certainly did.

  96. That is sew pretty! Thanks for sharing!

  97. Wow! I am impressed! Can’t believe a person could do a pianokey border in that amount of time. Fabulous. When we had a twin bed in the house, I had a Christmas quilt on it and loved what it did for the room during the holidays. You’ll certainly enjoy yours.

  98. Good job skating a finish in just under the wire! I’ve currently got a hand quilting project that I’m hoping will be finished in time, but I just lost 10 days because I messed up the due date!

  99. Love the traditional colors of your Christmas quilt. I was hurriedly stitching to the last minute on my quilt for fair this year also.

  100. Love your Christmas quilt. Thanks for sharing.

  101. Love your Christmas quilt: “Scraps of Christmas Past.” The border is so perfect.

  102. Lovely quilt. So awesome you got it finished in time.

  103. I really like your Christmas quilt. I especially like the piano key border. Well done.

  104. Love your Christmas quilt. Thanks for sharing with us!

  105. I like what you did with your scraps. The piano key border is great!

  106. Jenelle Boxberger

    Wow, love it when a person can make something so great with all fabric that you already have. Love the quilt. Thanks for sharing and thanks for the giveaway.

  107. I love making a quilt from stash. Your Christmas quilt is beautiful. Hope your next ones will speed along too.

  108. Stash busters are always the best. Nice job! thank you for sharing with us.

  109. Love your quilt. Uneven piano keys are my trademark in my round robin group.

  110. What a great Christmas Quilt!!! Love It!!!! Thanks

  111. A lovely Christmas quilt with lots of Christmas memories even before it is cuddled under. Sounds like you and I have a lot in common with time management. Just to busy with life. Thanks for the blog hop experience.

  112. I am a little sad I missed out on this hop 🙂

  113. Would love to win, thanks

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