The Winner is…

Mr. Random has done his work again and has chosen Michele from the Lake Superior area of Canada as the winner for the Stamp Blog Hop!  If you are wondering why he chose from 100 instead of 99,  it’s because one person commented on my stamp on the Aiming for Accuracy post and I counted her as comment #100.    So, Michele has been notified and I’ll be getting my package winging its to Canada.  So far, I’ve been able to send fabric to Germany, Dubai, and the Netherlands.  (Along with sending a block to Kristy in Australia.)  I’m starting to feel very international!  Thank you again to everyone who stopped by.  I had a great time making my “stamp” and sharing it!  Now, to get caught up on my Aiming for Accuracy blocks.  I’ve got a large number of florals (many from the 80’s when I started quilting) and I’m planning to raid those fat quarters for my fabrics.

Happy quilting!



One response to “The Winner is…

  1. Lucky me!!! Thanks so much!! Looking forward to a squishy in the mail!!

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