“A Banquet of Lies” is an Intriguing Romance

Giselle Barrington is not your average young lady of good breeding. First, she has a passionate interest in cooking and she uses her scholar-father’s travels to collect recipes and second, she is often the carrier of whatever spy secrets her father is currently transporting. After watching her father’s brutal murder, Giselle is forced to flee and seek cover somewhere while she tries to unravel the mystery of where the last message her father was carrying should go. Not knowing who to trust, she takes a job as a chef which gives her a sudden and unique perspective of the politics of downstairs and the inequities of the classes.
Michelle Diener takes a slightly improbably premise and turns out a lovely, intriguing and well-written romantic suspense that will engage readers from the first page. While some of the elements of the story may not be new to readers, they are like an outfit that has been freshly pressed and newly accessorized…pleasing and fresh, even if you’ve seen some of the pieces before. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend “A Banquet of Lies.” The story is fun, engaging and perfect for a mental vacation. Giselle is a lovely, independent and highly likeable heroine. One word of warning, you may be craving a croissant before you finish this book, the cooking scenes are quite delectable!
“Banquet of Lies” is from Gallery Books and scheduled for release on October 22nd, 2013. This book was provided to me for this review. However, the opinions are entirely my own!

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