“Red-y” or Not, and Kitty Adventures

Yesterday morning, I took out my box of “grey fighter” and mixed my color (warm blond) and then spent a delightful 40 minutes watching Carol Doak on The Quilt Show.  Her episode is free through the 30th and was great fun to watch.  You can watch it by clicking on this link.  https://www.thequiltshow.com/os/create_account_2.php/alias/carol_doak/coupon_number/237112472029.

So, imagine my surprise when I rinsed out my hair and my “warm blond” was actually auburn.  This picture doesn’t really show how red the color really is but it gives you an idea.  It’s not bad, I’m certainly not too fussed about it, it was just a bit of a surprise.


The other thing that happened yesterday was the failure of Miss Zoe to show up in the morning.  When the weather is warm, she and her brother Grif tend to want to stay out later than they should and sometimes refuse to come home at bedtime.  They’re always home for breakfast, though, except the time that Zoe got herself trapped in the neighbor’s garage.  So, when she didn’t show up for breakfast, I did a quick walk around the block to check for garages she might be in, checked the neighbor’s garages and generally revealed myself to the neighborhood as a crazy cat lady by walking around the block calling, “Here, kitty, kitty, kitty!”

As the day wore on, I posted a picture on Facebook and asked my friends to watch for her, called the Animal Shelter and checked Craig’s List.  Finally, after dropping DD2 off at birthday party in the early evening, I stopped by our school and walked along the fence to the run-off area calling away.  Almost immediately, I heard a pitiful meow and spotted my errant princess.  The run-off area has two terraced drops of about five feet.  Zoe was pacing on the lower one, obviously distressed and unwilling or unable to jump to the next level.  Now, I knew I couldn’t get there on my still-recovering ankle so I called in the cavalry and my dear husband rushed over and retrieved Zoe.  A block-long car ride later, our princess was home, fed and very determined to stay in the house!


As they say, “All’s well that ends well.”   Now, speaking of endings, I’ve got at least seven books ready to review so expect a slew of reviews, and, with any luck, a pattern test and a finish!  Oregon has turned the thermostat up from 60’s to 90’s this week so I’ll have to see how hot the sewing room is before I decide how much time to spend up there.  I’m sure with a fan and a few open windows, I’ll be just fine!  Hot or not, most of the time, I’d just rather be quilting!

Happy quilting!

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