A Lovely Near-Finish for June

The weather in Oregon can be a little, well, fickle.  Last week, people were bemoaning the failure of summer to arrive and our temperatures were in the 60’s.  We went from 60 to 90+ in a day and today I passed a temperature sign of 101!  With my sewing room on the third floor and no air conditioning (about to change as we bought a window unit for up there), sewing time is pretty sweaty stuff!  In spite of that, I did manage to bring the Yellow Fish Quilt to near completion…quilted, trimmed, labeled and the binding strips are cut.  It will be done tonight but since the Year of Lovely Finishes is on East Coast time, I’m posting my progress now so I can link up.  I’ll post another photo when it’s got its binding on and I’ll tell you the whole story behind the quilt then.

Happy (and cool) quilting!



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