“Paperboy” Will Steal Your Heart

When I was growing up in Catholic school in the 70’s, I knew that Belfast was one of those places you never wanted to go. We heard stories of pubs being blown up and innocent people killed on both sides of the conflict. Belfast, the way we heard it, was nothing short of a war zone. For Tony Macaulay, Belfast was home and those streets were where he delivered the Belfast Telegraph from 1975-1977.
In his memoir, “Paperboy” Tony takes us right into his world as young teen delivering papers in Belfast. From the thugs who would try to rob paperboys of their Friday collection money to the youth dances his parents and other volunteers held on the weekends, Macaulay makes his world come alive on the page. Packed with humor, insight and wry observations, the memories of “Belfast’s first pacifist paperboy” will steal your heart and delight you even as you wonder at the ability of the human spirit to triumph over difficult conditions.
“Paperboy” is published by Harper Collins and is scheduled for release on August 24, 2013.
This book was provided to me by Haper Collins for this review. The opinions, however, are entirely my own!

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