Quilt Without End is a Flimsy!

With everything that has been going on with my ankle (I just graduated back into shoes, which is very exciting even though I have a lovely cane to go with them), I knew I wouldn’t get a project finished this month so I decided to get Quilt Without End to the flimsy stage…and I did.
In case you’re wondering about the name, the block pattern is actually called “World Without End” but when I made this the first time, I made too many blocks. I decided to make a second one for my younger daughter and thought I’d have a huge start only to find out I needed 200 more blocks than I had! Now, just when I thought it was safe to go back in the sewing room, I discovered two and a half sets of blocks left over. I’m thinking of putting them in a table runner quickly before I can decide to start another one!
And speaking of starting, my goal to finish two for every one project I start is a total wash-out! This week, I dug through a bag of scraps from a friend which included a big stack of waste triangles from border cuttings of Christmas fabric and a pile of white triangles. Did I dutifully put these in my “stray triangle” drawer? No, of course not! They are stacked by the Featherweight and when the kids are eating snack, I’m stitching pairs together. I’m thinking that one of the beds will finally have a Christmas quilt this year. (If I don’t start too many other projects, that is!)
I’m linking this up over at A Lovely Year of Finishes and pinning it on the Country Threads UFO board. And then I’m off to do the Friday night happy dance and dutifully ice and elevate!
Happy quilting,

2 responses to “Quilt Without End is a Flimsy!

  1. Your flimsy looks great! I love the colors & pattern.

  2. Thank you for sharing your beautiful quilt. Love the colors.

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