My “Easy Street” is a Flimsy!

Nothing, and I do mean nothing, has been easy for me on this Easy Street except picking the colors. The rest, due only to my own ineptitude and not to anything about the directions or pattern, has been a comedy of errors! Seriously, even now as I attempt to post this, WordPress is having a conniption fit and wont let me upload the picture. Sigh. However, now the piecing is done and my younger daughter has already put her claim in. I wasn’t sure I shouldn’t have remade all the four-patches in better contrast but if I had, then I still wouldn’t be done. I like it, though, in spite of the “mushyness” of the colors.

If I ever get the photo to upload, I’ll be linking this to A Lovely Year of Finishes and pinning it to Connie’s UFO Game at Country Threads. Right now, that feels like a very big if!

Ok, another try…fingers crossed…


There it is!  Amazing what happens when you change browsers for the 3rd or fourth time.  In person, it really does have a touch more color than this photo shows but it is, well, mushy…just like I warned you.   Perhaps I should call it “Mashed Potatoes at the Easy Street Cafe.”  Now, I’m off to finish blocks for a wedding quilt which may end up presented as a flimsy as the wedding is this weekend! Wish me luck!

Happy quilting!


3 responses to “My “Easy Street” is a Flimsy!

  1. Trouble or not, it turned out lovely! Congratulations!

  2. Looks good to me but then I’m more than half blind. LOL Easy Stgreet, 10 min. table runner and quilt in a day are all lies!!

  3. This one is great11

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