The Best Laid Plans of Mice and Moms (and we have a winner…finally!)

What a week! Ok, honestly, first let me say thank you to all the lovely people who commented on the mug rugs, I truly intended to answer every comment but life went, well, the way life often goes. On Saturday of last week, I enjoyed a true feast of wonderful company. First my dear niece stopped by on the way to California to have lunch (I made her favorite gluten-free chicken pot pie.) She only had a couple of hours to spare so I wasn’t going to miss her even though I was also hosting our Quilter’s Tea that same day. For the tea, I made scones, lemon bars, clotted cream and, of course, tea.  Thank goodness we had leftover chicken pot pie for dinner because I was done with cooking by the evening!  However, I wasn’t done with kitchen business.  I was out buying new pans when our younger daughter called to say she’d fallen off the highest pullup bar at the school and couldn’t lift her arm.  Her dad was a block away so he went to check to make sure it wasn’t dislocated.  Thankfully, it appeared in one piece.  It was still bothering her Sunday so we trotted off to Urgent Care.  They x-rayed it and told us it was fractured.  Then they told us it might not be.  They took x-rays of the other side.  She was already splinted up so they left the splint in place and sent us home with x-rays to see her regular doctor the next day.  Long story short…it was Wednesday before an orthopedic person could confirm that, “No, her arm wasn’t broken.”  We took off the splints and she danced out of there very happy!

Happy girl with two good arms!

Happy girl with two good arms!

All of which contributed to a slightly hectic week for yours truly.  Which brings me to the winner part of this post.  According to, comment number #24, Brenda,  is the winner.  I’ll be contacting her to get an address to send the fat quarters.


In the meantime, speaking of fat quarters, our tea theme was Africa and for the first time in years, we had a duplicate.  Not two but three people brought the giraffe print fabric!  It’s ok with me, though, I really loved it (and obviously so did my friends.)  Aren’t these lovely pretties?  The green one is a big panel with a lion on it and I’ve already got a quilt design swirling in my mind for these.


Well, that said, I’m off to do a bit of quilting today. If all goes anywhere near what I hope for, I may be showing you my Easy Street top by the end of the weekend.  Unfortunately, I’m regretting a little my decision not to remake my four-patches.  The whole thing looks a bit “mushy” in the colors but I still like it.  I’ll know more when I see it all together…maybe it needs some big applique on it?

Oh, and expect a slew of book reviews…did I mention I’m behind in a few things?

Happy quilting,


One response to “The Best Laid Plans of Mice and Moms (and we have a winner…finally!)

  1. Glad all is well with your daughter. The African fabric looks so yummy.

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