“Invisible” is Touching and Thought Provoking

Ellyn nurtures others through her restaurant but berates herself privately for her extra weight. Sabina is hiding from her life, her family and herself. Twila is still living in the shadow of anorexia. Three women with hurts will find themselves drawn together as they discover ways to overcome their fears and see themselves as God sees them.
“Invisible” was a truly lovely read. As someone who struggles with weight, I was a little tentative about this book…what if it made me feel worse? Instead, I found the journey of these three characters to be tremendously uplifting and freeing. Ginny Yttrup does a terrific job of giving us intimate glimpses into the heart and mind of all the characters so that we feel we get to know each one. The only criticism I have in this book (and it is trivial) is that one character’s constant use of the word “gal” grated on me. Other than that tiny fly in the ointment, this book is terrific! I would highly recommend it whether you struggle with your weight or not. There is truly something for any woman in this book. The story is well-written, nicely paced and the dialogue is memorable and believable. The ending is uplifting and doesn’t necessarily take you where you think you may be going.
This book is also a great book to share with younger women of high school age and up. Perhaps with more books like this, we could raise a generation of women who can see their own unique beauty regardless of their size.
This book was provided for my by B&H Publishing Group for this review. The opinions, however, are entirely my own.

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