“A Season for Tending” is a Stand-Out in the Amish Romance Category

Cindy Woodsmall is already widely respected in the area of Amish romantic fiction but “A Season for Tending” is among the best I’ve read yet. Rhoda is an outcast among both her Amish and non-Amish neighbors. Her gifts, her way with a garden and her understanding of herbs combined with a guilty secret keeps her feeling separated and alone, even in a full house. When a new opportunity arises that will take her away from home she must decide if this is the door opening unto a new life or a wrong turn she is about to make.
When Amish romances first came out, the real drawback for me was a lack of conflict. After all, people are people and wherever there are people, there is going to be conflict. Woodsmall’s characters are delightfully human with foibles and frets and imperfections that make the characters come alive. Almost immediately, we are drawn into Rhoda’s dilemma. As a single woman, she is doing what she can to help her family and not cause trouble but what about being true to being the person God made her to be?
“A Season of Tending” will have you turning pages and wondering right along with Rhoda and a cast of genuinely likable but flawed characters.
This book was provided to me for this review through the Blogging for Books program of WaterBrook Press. The opinions, however, are entirely my own!

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