A Lovely Year of Finishes, Mid-March Update

Ok, as of last night, I was sure I had no progress to report but then I remembered that I did add one background strip to my piece. That didn’t seem like much, though, so I captured the techno-savvy husband and asked him to help me transfer photos to a document so they could be printed on paper. The last time we did this, it was a tedious process involving Photoshop and much technical jargon. Last night, he looked at me and said, “Oh, why don’t you just use Word?” Ten minutes later, the first four photos were printed onto Timeless Treasures paper and are nearly ready to applique….why, oh, why do I get hung up on details that turn out to be nothing? Not much to show yet, but the ball is rolling and I hope to still finish by month’s end. After all, Spring Break starts here tomorrow after school!
Happy quilting,

One response to “A Lovely Year of Finishes, Mid-March Update

  1. I wish I’d known you last weekend, because I print silkies for my crazy quilting out of Word docs all the time! I use Miracle fabric sheets from C. Jenkins and love them! I look forward to seeing your progress at month’s end.

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