Debbie Macomber Fans Will Adore “Rose Harbor in Bloom”

Innkeeper and Army widow, Jo Marie Rose, is finding a way to put her life back together. Her establishment, The Inn at Rose Harbor, is becoming the inn of her dreams…despite the hurdle of a slow-paced handyman and a fast-looming deadline. Jo Marie has pictured the inn as a place of healing, her own as well as her clients and that dream is coming true in ways she never imagined.
“Rose Harbor in Bloom” invites the reader to take a mental vacation and enter the lives of a varied and entertaining cast of characters. From the couple celebrating their 50th anniversary and their extended family to the mysterious woman who arrives alone, Debbie Macomber has created a cast of characters that will engage the reader and keep them engaged. The romance element in “Rose Harbor” is fresh and light and the book is a highly satisfying read. “Rose Harbor in Bloom” is slated for release on August 13th of 2013 which makes it the perfect read for a relaxing afternoon on the beach!
This book was provided to me by Random House for this review. The opinions, however, are entirely my own.

One response to “Debbie Macomber Fans Will Adore “Rose Harbor in Bloom”

  1. great quilt. I love it. hugs Alessandra

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