Beat the Winter Blues Blog Hop!

The theme for Quilting Gallery’s hop is “Beat the Winter Blues.”  Well, I don’t know of anything that beats Winter or any other kind of blues better than fabric!  With that in mind, I’ve picked out this pretty purple print as a Winter Blues Buster (sorry the picture isn’t great.)  There will be a yard of it for one lucky winner.  All you have to do is comment and tell me your favorite blues buster.  For a second chance to win a yard of this, come back on the 13th for my Nancy Drew day. I’m giving away a second yard of this fabric then.  I’ll have Mr. Random pick a lucky winner from each set of comments when both the hops are over.  Once you’ve left a comment, hop on over to The Quilting Gallery and see who else has fun blues busting prizes!

Happy quilting,




144 responses to “Beat the Winter Blues Blog Hop!

  1. Would love to win this

  2. Sewing always helps me to beat the winter blues. I also feel so much better after spending time with my grandchildren.

  3. Maria do Carmo

    Depois de um fim de semana sem fazer nada,segunda eu nem sei por onde começar…fervilhando com as

  4. Sewing helps as does chocolate! Thanks for the chance at some beautiful fabric.

  5. My favorite blues buster is a sewing circle with applique, embroidery and friends.

  6. Music. When I’m feeling blue, I put on happy music

  7. Put on some upbeat music and dance! Thanks for the giveaway!

  8. I moved to Florida! Sunshine helps:)

  9. Watching a fab movie or shopping is a great blues buster for me

  10. What a great purple print! It reminds me of the violets we get in spring. Nothing chases away the winter blues like seeing the first blooms of the season.

  11. Oh beautiful fabric and with my favorite color being purple, I would be thrilled to be the lucky person to win.
    Currently the best way I have to beat the winter blues is to go into the other room and grab my 1 yr old Granddaughter who is temporarily living with us along with her parents. She’s just the most adorable little thing ever. I had 3 boys so having Granddaughters is wonderful. And having one living with us is such fun. It’s time she and us will always remember I’m sure.

  12. I like curling up on the couch and watching a movie. Thanks for chance to win. What pretty fabric.

  13. Hello,

    Such a pretty fabric,. Beat the Winter blues by going for a walk in the garden.

    Happy days.

  14. Best blues buster… quilting, cup of tea, music on the go & better yet when hubby and my son are home are we are all having a relaxing day.

  15. Even one hour of sunshine on a cold day helps with the winter blues. If the weather fails me, then watching a TV programme set somewhere sunny will do the trick.

  16. Good movee works with me) thank you for the giveaway!

  17. Hot cocoa and a good book, if the children are not around, can really help with the Winter Blues. Otherwise, it’s sewing, sewing and more sewing! Thanks for the chance to win.

  18. This time of year, getting outside helps me beat the winter blues! Lovely purple print you are putting up for grabs- purples are so hard to find, and this one is very classic!

  19. Thanks for a thoughtful giveaway. I beat the winter blues by sewing, baking, and eating chocolate.

  20. sewing and creating because my two kitties join me . They need to inspect every aspect to make sure my seams are up to par!

  21. Playing with fabric!

  22. Ann Phillips Thompson

    I get busy with my fabric stash…planning to use it, sorting it or just wandering through it!

  23. Looking at my pictures of the beach and preparing for my spring retreat. Thanks for a chance to win some very pretty fabric.

  24. Rosanna Bontrager

    Go fabric shopping!!!! That takes cares of the blues.

  25. Pretty fabric! I beat the blues with fabric shopping!!:)

  26. toekneechestnut

    Spreading a little love around ..and creativity helps here..but it puts smiles on everyones lips especially the giver!! Pr..ett..y!!! fabric is always welcome and your yard fits that bill nicely.:) grace55(at)hushmail(dot)com

  27. Liane Schofer

    I make a colorful quilt to drive the cold away.

  28. I beat the winter blues every time by taking a long walk with my dog. Cute fabric. Thanks

  29. Lots of bright colors are a sure way to beat the winter, drab, winter blues!

  30. connandvansmom

    My favorite blues buster. Is a nice cup of hot peppermint tea. Then I go into my studio room and surroundmyself with fabrics and read quilt magazines. And pick out the next project to do…Always make me feel inspired.

  31. A great book does the trick or a shopping trip to the city!
    Thank you for the chance ;D
    See you on the 13th, pop in for a visit on the 14th 😉

  32. baking chocolate chip cookies and then sitting down to do some sewing of course.

  33. Thanks so much for the offer of the giveaway. I love my cup of coffee!

  34. Going to a quilt shop and getting inspired beats the blues! Love the fabric.

  35. Working on spring colored quilt, pink and white, forget about the blues then. the fabric you are giving aways looks so good, at a distance I thought they were bunches of blueberries.

  36. A nice brisk walk always gets me in a better mood.

  37. Beat the blues – QUILT! and quilt more. Loving your bolg

  38. I love to scrapbook our summer pictures during the winter! I also enjoy working on a brightly colored quilt to chase the blues away!

  39. Thanks so much for the chance to win this yummy fabric !

  40. Sewing is my blues buster! Shopping for fabric or winning fabric really helps too!

  41. Very pretty. I do have a few purple prints that it would go with.

  42. The best blues busters are a brisk walk in fresh air and sewing.
    Thanks for the chance!

  43. Snugging under a very warm quilt would help chase away the winter blues. Winning more fabric to make another warm winter quilt would be another idea. We all love fabric and we all want to win fabric. Thank you for joining in the Beat the Winter Blues Blog Hop and giving all of your followers a chance to win the 1 yard of purple print fabric. Yes, I do love the color of purple.

    Sandi Timmons

  44. So pretty! I will definitely be back for Nancy Drew. I snuggle in and make stuff. Or take a walk outside and take pictures of what the freezing, thawing, freezing leave behind in their wake.

  45. hey I love the photo on the top of your blog….. makes me nostalgic for London, I used to spend school holidays staying with my grandparents in London when I was a kid…… anyway, blues buster……….. cake I guess! x

  46. Quilting is my happy place! No blues allowed in my quilting room!

  47. SEW pretty and I love the Purple. I quilt to beat the Blues! This week I’m blog- hopping and meeting lots of new Bloggers, It’s fun.

  48. Nothing chases away the winter blues like seeing the first blooms of the season in my garden

  49. My favorite blues buster is a trip to see my grands or a call form my best friend! Such lovely fabric.

  50. I will bake my favorite cake.

  51. Getting together with quilty friends is a good blues buster! Love the purple fabric!

  52. What pretty fabric! Thank you for the chance to win it. 🙂

    To chase away the blues, I rely on music, reading, and chocolate…preferably all at the same time.

  53. Go for a nice walk in the woods.thanks for the chance.

  54. Sewing always help and so does the sunshine!

  55. The purple is gorgeous! A hot cup of my favorite tea in my comfy chair by the window watching birds at the feeder is a blues-buster for me!

  56. So pretty. The best winter blues buster for me is a sunny day, and sitting outside, even if bundled up …. in a quilt, lol.

  57. I’ll visit with a friend and have a good laugh together.

  58. what lovely fabric. thanks for a chance to win. when the winter blues come my way i would jump inot a count cross stitch i have going.

  59. My favourite blues buster is a walk. I walk everyday for my mental health. If the sun is shining it is even better. 🙂 Beautiful fabric!

  60. I love making string quilts. It makes me sew happy to make a dent in my stash of scraps! Thanks sew much for this chance to win your generous giveaway. 😀

  61. Dont laugh, but scrubbing my house usually makes me feel better!

  62. Ja ja el comentario anterior me hizo reír Nita si te sientes mal ven a mi casa!
    Su tela es una belleza ,si algo no esta bien mirar mi escondite de telas me levanta el animo .

  63. My favourite blue buster will be crocheting…I love playing with yarn and it makes me feel better when my hand is working on something.

  64. I use sewing to get in a better mood 🙂 Thanks for this great giveaway!

  65. I have a friend that loves lavender.

  66. It sure is dark this time of year. I thinks sewing is the best way to brighten the winter.

  67. It’s foggy and rainy in wisconsin but the sun is trying hard to peek through. Many hours can pass by as I am surfing through my fabric and sewing!

  68. I need more purple in ly life! Thanks!

  69. jane schmidgall

    A visit from my grandkiddies chases the blues away!! Love all shades of purple!!!

  70. cleaning with the music on helps me feel more springy

  71. Music will carry those blues away. Love the colour purple, along with pale green and gold – beautiful fabric

  72. Winter blues…..emmm. well I suppose it has to be sewing or sorting through my stash to find some lovely fabrics. Or just sitting and looking at other quilters work on the net. So many talented quilters out there.

  73. My favorite blues buster is playing with my kids in the SNOW!

  74. Winter Blues! No such thing. I love a snowy day in New Hampshire. Those are the best days to quilt. I love the thought of a cold day snuggling under a homemade quilt.

  75. I love it when I start seeing the trees starting to bud out and the grass greening up.

  76. I sew while Hubby and I watch a good movie. We just rented MIB3.

  77. Beautiful fabric! Thanks for a chance to win!

  78. Love the colours. Looking at fabric helps chase away the winter blues. Thanks for sharing and for the opportunity on the draw.

  79. I love to hand quilt in the blue winter days! or bake bread…that’s a wonderful cure for me!
    Pretty fabric.

  80. Sorting buttons chases my blues away! Luckily I have LOADS of buttons!

  81. A holiday in the sun always helps!!!
    Thanks for a great giveaway!

  82. sewing is my happy place! Thanks for the giveaway!

  83. Sewing usually helps chase away the blues for me. Thanks for the chance.

  84. Sitting And Hand Quilting

  85. I like to curl up with a good book. Thank you so much for the great giveaway.

  86. Kathy @ Kwilty Pleasures

    Playing with beautiful fabric. Thanks for the chance to win!

  87. I light a fire and cuddle up in a quilt with a good book!
    Gun, Sweden

  88. Pretty fabric. I beat the blues by doing all my crafts. Thanks

  89. I beat the winter blues by prepping my flower beds for the springThank you for the chance to win this lovely prize and taking part in the hop.

  90. I beat the winter blues sewing with friends. Laughter, sewing, and chocolate!

  91. Great giveaway! I beat the winter blues by quilting!

  92. vandaag schijnt de zon en die verslaat de winterblues, op naar de lenteblues dank voor het mogen meedoen

  93. A little time in my sewing room is the best cure for the winter blues for me. The days always seem too short when I am sewing.

  94. really good, loud music and dancing around the living room! 🙂

  95. Sunshine, music and exercise help me beat the winter blues.

  96. Going to a fabric shop always beats the blues away for me. ALso sitting with some hand stitching is the close second way.

  97. Shopping for fabric is always a blues buster, until I get the credit card bill 😦

  98. Baking cookies always beats the blues, until I get on the scale!

  99. Blues buster is for me reading, buying books and fabric and of course chocolate.

  100. What a beautiful fabric! When I’m feeling blue I call my Mom or a good friend who will cheer me up, or I eat ice cream, hehe.

    Thank you for a great giveaway and a chance to win.


  101. Wow pretty fabric and to tell you the truth that is what beats my blues…just buying fabric….

  102. I take naps snuggle-ling up with my mini doxies. We have been fortunate this year not many winter blues days. Thanks for the chance to win!!!!
    thanks for offering a place to follow you to!

  103. Visiting a friend and sewing together helps beat the winter blues!

  104. Such a pretty piece of fabric. My Winter Blues Buster – shopping!

  105. Spending time with my children helps me beat the blues. Thanks for the giveaway.

  106. I beat the blues by tending to my house plants and knitting.

  107. Jenelle Boxberger

    What a nice giveaway. Thanks for being part of this fun blog hop. I’ve enjoyed your bog. Sunshine always helps get rid of the blues, as well as petting our dogs.

  108. thanks waiting for the sun to shine…

  109. Hot chocolate! Thanks for the chance.

  110. When I’m in a funk I like to plop on the couch with some comfort food and a movie. After a bit of self indulgence I’m ready to carry on. 🙂 Thanks for the chance to win!

  111. Blues buster? Sewing, creating something, crafts…..or a sunny warm weather vacation.

  112. Chocolate! 🙂 And taking a walk outside… ALONE!

    Thank you for a lovely giveaway!

  113. Linda Fairchild

    My favorite winter blues uplift is some time with my cat and my sewing machine. Comforting for sure!

  114. I love to knit 🙂

  115. to beat the blues I pull spring colors and work on my charity quilts..

  116. I like to beat the winter blues by being warm and cozy inside. Thanks for the giveaway.

  117. I beat the blues by putting on a good book on tape in my sewing room and sew.

    Ginny B

  118. .Thank you for offering such a generous prize .when im blue i play with my cats.

  119. PIck me pick me….please!!! I like to beat the winter blues by putting away ALL winter items and putting spring things out.

  120. quilting of course, or maybe shopping for springy fabric….

  121. Peppy music in the CD player, sewing up a storm…cuppa Hot tea….and the woodburner goin’ & keepin us cozy & warm! 🙂

  122. My favorite way to beat the blues is to go into my sewing room, sit at my sewing machine, and work on a quilt! TaDa! All my worries are forgotten!

  123. Thanks for the giveaway.

  124. The Quilted Dog

    A cup of tea , music, my dogs & my sewing machine always help me beat the blues! Thanks for the giveaway!

  125. Baking always seems to put me in a sunnier mood and it makes the house smell good.

    ktreve (at) hotmail (dot) com

  126. I like to get a few movies from the library & do some piecing & quilting. I like to bake some new recipes while I’m sewing.

  127. Designing quilts on graphpaper helps me beat the blues.

  128. Thanks for the opportunity to win your giveaway. My favourite blues buster is spending time with my amazing little grandson who is now 8 months old.

  129. Thank you for the chance to win. Quilting the way I bust any blues I may have.

  130. Chocolate covered Vitamin D. Doesn’t exist, but it should! Thank you for participating in the blog hop!

  131. Quilting is my blues buster! Thanks for the chance!

  132. Playing with my toddler? She’s always so much fun (if messy)

  133. Sewing and riding my motorcycle hence the winter blues

  134. Playing with my dogs. hugs Alessandra

  135. Hi Beth, just keeping busy is a way to keep the blue’s away sewing,making cards,beading, and cooking that is what I do.

  136. That’s beautiful fabric! Thanks for participating in the giveaway.

  137. Wow cool colors! I beat the blues by getting a new book from my local library and doing some baking.

  138. I read books 🙂 Thanks for the chance to win!

  139. I missed the 13th, but I hope I’m not too late to win. Thanks for the chance!

  140. You are very generous with your giveaways. Many, many thanks for an opportunity to try to win some lovely lilac fabric.

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