“The Adaptation Diet” Offers a Comprehensive Look at the Role Allergens Play in Weight Loss


If you’ve been out of the loop a while or you feel you need a refresher course, “The Adaptation Diet” offers a comprehensive look at the effects that undiagnosed allergies can play in weight. It also looks at the link between cortisol and weight gain and the link between nutrition and disease. Dr. Charles Moss has organized the information so that this is not just a diet book but an explanation of how certain foods could be affecting you and sabotaging your efforts toward better health.
If you’ve been wanting to “catch up” on the recent information and you don’t want to go wading through multiple sources, “The Adaptation Diet” puts a lot of good information together in one place. Even though much of what I read wasn’t new to me, I enjoyed the explanations of how things worked in the body and how to reverse some of the problems commonly seen. I would recommend this book if you are starting out on a quest for better health…you just might find the answer you’re looking for!
This book was provided to me by North Atlantic Books for this review. My opinions, however, are my own. The Adaptation Diet is scheduled for release on May 7, 2013.

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