“Wishing on Willows” is About Hope in the Face of Unwelcome Change

wishing on willows 2
Robin Price knows about loss. She’s lost more than most women her age…a mother, a husband, a life she dreamed of. Out of the ashes, she’s managed to juggle raising her son and running her business, the Willow Tree Café. Times are hard and she’s barely hanging on to the business when handsome developer Ian McKay comes to town looking for a place to locate a batch of luxury condos. Robin is not letting go of her dream location but Ian is adamant. Despite being at business odds, the two find it harder and harder to ignore the spark between them.
At the heart, “Wishing on Willows” is about change and what it really means to be true to your dreams. This is a great book for everyone who has had to change the direction of their dreams, accept that the future they intended isn’t necessarily the one that is coming and find hope in the knowledge that the future doesn’t have to be what we thought it would be. Sometimes the unexpected can be what you never knew you wanted. With strong and complex characters, “Wishing on Willows” takes up the story after “Wildflowers in Winter” and, instead of the expected ‘happily ever after’, takes us on a whole new journey that affirms that life is messy, unexpected and sometimes takes us where we didn’t want to go…but that God always goes with us.
I’d recommend this book for readers high school and up.
This book was provided to me by WaterBrook Press for this review. The opinions, however, are entirely my own!

One response to ““Wishing on Willows” is About Hope in the Face of Unwelcome Change

  1. This sounds like a great book to recommend to some of my library customers. I will check right away to see if we have it yet. I think I would enjoy reading it also.

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