Signs of progress

There are signs of progress in my sewing room…even if I can only give you a peek at one of them.  Nancy Drew is coming together nicely.  Another evening of sewing and a little time tomorrow morning and the top should be ready to baste!


I finally took the bull by the, well not horns…more like the embroidery hoop and scalloped the edges of the kaleidoscope quilt.  (Have I mentioned that the spelling of that word refuses to stick in my brain?  It gets caught with spell check every time!)  Anyway, I used my embroidery hoop to chalk curves into the edge of my quilt, rotary cut the curves and then attached a regular binding.  I’m sewing the back down by hand…Amanda over at Fabric Engineer put so much beautiful stitching into this quilt that I’d be embarrassed to do less.  By the way, for very gentle curves like the ones on this quilt, I don’t bother to cut a bias binding. I find that I can gentle a regular binding along these curves with no problem at all.


There will, of course, be a better picture when it’s done.  Also, have you been keeping up with the current hops?  There’s a wonderful one from Sew We Quilt and another from Moda.  Treat yourself to some “hop” time…I find it is relaxing and inspiring all at once!  Of course, it’s very hard on my resolution to finish two UFO’s for each new project!

Happy quilting!

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