Happy Valentine’s Day!

At our house, we try to keep Valentine’s Day fun without busting the budget.  Years ago, I decided that I hate going out on Valentines…too many crowds, too loud, etc.  Instead, we celebrate Valentine’s with a Heart Shaped Dinner and small gifts.  Several years ago, my husband and I decided on giving each other the gift of frugality on Valentines…especially as it comes so soon after Christmas!  We spend about $10 on each other and each of the girls for some small gift.  This year, I sent him the email mailer for a favorite shop and hinted that a yard of “pink, red and heart-y” fabric would be lovely.  (Ok, not quite a hint more like a request!)  As you can see below, I got my request but I was quite surprised by fabric #2!  Isn’t that a hoot?  My brain is spinning with design ideas!  (The girls were quite taken with it, too!)


Speaking of design ideas, I’m hard at work on both my Nancy Drew and my April Showers but I can’t reveal them yet.  Suffice it to say that I’ve made 8 more blocks this month (totaling 17 so far.)  Here’s a tiny sneak peek.


Another project that I’m working on is organizing my office which requires me to tackle the dreaded paper pile.  Here’s Gizmo helping  in my file box…do I file him under “C” for cat or “G” for Gizmo?



Since it is precisely the middle of the month, I’m linking this post up to the Lovely Year of Finishes but, I have to admit, I’ve made no progress on my project for that.  I will, however, have more to report next time!  So, here’s my Valentine’s wish for you…that whatever your life holds right now, that some spark of love lights your day today, whether that be a spouse, friend, family member or pet and that you, in turn, pass the spark on.

Happy Valentine’s Day!


2 responses to “Happy Valentine’s Day!

  1. Love your frugal Valentines idea. We don’t really do Valentines, either, but my husband got me some cute notebooks this time because I’m “into things like that”. 🙂 That print is hilarious. Have you decided on a design yet?

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