What a Blockhead! (And the winner is….)

Ok, I did have a really nasty cold but I’m not sure where the rest of my head was!  I completely forgot to check in with Mr. Random to find a winner for the Dresden Hop!  Well, as you can see, Mr. Random was very forgiving that I was late for our date and I hope you will be, too.  The winner is comment number 13 and I will be contacting the winner to get a snail mail address.  A side note, due to quilting, I’ve been sending out little envelopes to some interesting places.  I’ve sent two international posts in the last couple of weeks and it makes me feel like I’ve such an interesting life!  Now, this is going to be a photo-heavy post so I’ll try to keep the word count down (especially as I have three books to review as well.)

I’ve been in a “blocky” mode this last week (when I wasn’t snuffling or sneezing…thank goodness for the person who invented cold medicine!)  Here’s my February BOM for the Carol Doak Group Mystery.


This is the January block in the sewing-themed BOM from Quiet Play.  I didn’t want to embroider the details so I added a piece of measuring tape ribbon.


This was the January Carol Doak block…I’m getting caught up.  It actually counts as four blocks as they don’t get sewn together.


This is a terrible picture that makes it look like I don’t know how to press but it is flat in real life, I promise!  This little block is going to a friend for her little girl’s quilt.


This was the November Carol Doak BOM. Finishing this means I’m all up to date…yay! (Well, on this BOM, anyway.)   It also gives me nine blocks so far for February.

Last night, I decided I wanted some “brainless” sewing and I began piecing my batting scraps together.  I know some people don’t bother but I like the thrifty feel of seeing a baby or throw size batt grow from all those cut-away strips.  I have a friend who mentioned that she throws out strips that are “only” eight inches wide.   I have to remember to tell her that I’ll gladly take them off her hands!  Some of the strips in this set are 3 inches.  I’m not finished piecing this together but already I have enough to baste a baby quilt and the Boo-ti-ful Kitties wall hanging.  The only problem is that my batting box isn’t looking any less full!


This last shot is my cat, Stanley, looking all upside down and backwards as he sleeps on his heated cat bed.  I thought he just looked a lot like I felt this week!

Onward and upward…have a great Monday!  Here’s to hoping all your points match and your threads don’t tangle!

One response to “What a Blockhead! (And the winner is….)

  1. Beulah @ Sowing Stitches

    Oh my! Stanley! I thought our cats were spoiled with their own beanbag chairs…they would never move from a heated cat bed…Stanley has it made! 🙂

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