“Threads of Grace” Weaves a Delightful Romance

The widowed Grace Beiler came to Pine Hollow seeking a refuge for herself and her autistic son. Marriage was nowhere in her plans until circumstances force her to choose between marrying a younger man and losing her son. Can she be a wife to this passionate younger man and will the secret he harbors force them from the safety of their Amish community? Can Seth Wyse actually win the heart of his new bride, despite the darkness from her past? “Threads of Grace” delivers a nice dose of suspense along with an Amish-flavored romance and blends it into a delightful read.
I enjoy the Amish novels but often find them to be a little devoid of characters (everyone is a bit too saintly to be real.) Kelly Long, however, has flavored her Amish characters with a nice assortment of human foibles including jealously and spitefulness as well as some much darker flaws. It’s refreshing to have an Amish bad guy character for a change and to have an Amish female character who is a classic “mean girl.” “Threads of Grace” is a refreshing change from the cloyingly sweet Amish-based novels that I’ve read in the past. I can’t wait to see what else Kelly Long has written!
This book was provided to me by Thomas Nelson for this review. The opinions, however, are entirely my own!

One response to ““Threads of Grace” Weaves a Delightful Romance

  1. this is a great review. I would enjoy reading this.

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