A Winner, a Finish, A Fog and Some Rime (not necessarily in that order!)

For those  who may not already know this, I live in the Pacific Northwest which means rain, lots and lots of rain.  Luckily, I love rain so that works for me. Sometimes it also means fog, especially up on the hill where I live.  It’s not uncommon for it to be overcast at my house but five miles away it’s sunny (when it’s not raining, of course.)  Last week the fog came in and decided to stay awhile, five or six days worth.  This is how it looked yesterday morning on my walk to school.


The lovely thing about this fog visit was that it combined with the cold temperatures to create something called “rime”.  Rime isn’t frost, it’s fog that has frozen.  It does a lovely job of outlining the needles on the evergreens.


This tree looked particularly lovely with every branch covered.


Even the barbed wire had a nice look!


The other thing I love about Oregon is how changeable the weather is.  Here’s what I saw on my way to pick up the kids from school.  Notice there are still white patches on the top where the rime hasn’t finished melting.


So, now that I’ve shared my new word of the week with you (because I had no idea that frozen fog had a name!), let’s get on to the winner part.  As you can see below, Mr. Random pulled comment number 24 for the winner for my post on the In Your Words blog hop.  Speaking of blog hops, are you following along on the Dare to Dresden Hop…such fun, don’t miss it!  Martingale also has a hop for the new release of their book on modern quilting with nineteen chances to win the book!


The winner is Sue and her words were “Healthy Living.”  I’ll be sending her out an email so she can tell me where to send her words fabric.  I do so enjoy these blog hops and I did read every comment, I just didn’t have time to respond to all of them but be assured I read them and was inspired by all of the great words!


The other news I have is that I’ve got my first finish done for 2013 and I’m linking it up to “A Lovely Year of  Finishes.”     I’m also linking up to Plum & June’s “Let’s Get acquainted.”  If you need a little inspiration to get your sewing area looking lovely, you should check out this post from Heidi at Fabric Mutt.  Her space looks so beautiful that I’m not even thinking of sharing mine until I do some major cleaning! I will however, leave you with this fun picture of my neighbor’s chickens.  I see them twice a day when I walk my daycare kids to and from school.  I love feeding them little bits of leftovers (crackers, bread, apples,etc.) and they know me so well that they come running to the fence when they see me.  Aren’t they cute by their rime-covered fence?


I think I’ve talked/written your ears/eyes off this morning but watch out…I’ve got three books to review!  (And my Dresden post to write, and a pattern to test and….well, you know how it is!)

Happy quilting,




2 responses to “A Winner, a Finish, A Fog and Some Rime (not necessarily in that order!)

  1. Gee, I never knew it was called rime! In Reno, Nevada, where I grew up, the Paiutes called it pogonip (guessing at the spelling here!) – pronounced either po-go-nip or pog-o-nip. Living in eastern Washington, we get quite a bit of it and I love it also! It’s cool when the pogonip keeps growing every night!

  2. I oove the fog. Its beautiful especially in seattle.

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