Mid-Month Progress and a bit of miscellany

The “Lovely Year of Finishes” has kicked off and I thought I’d toss out a mid-month update.  My first finish of the year is a baby quilt for my newly arrived great-nephew, Cole.  This “little” guy came into the world a whopping 10 pounds!  There’s nothing little about that! As you can see, I’ve got the quilting done and I’m applying the binding.  For quilts that I expect to have heavy use, I often apply the binding from the back and then use a decorative stitch to tack it down on the front.  With a tad bit of luck, I’ll have this one done tonight or at least tomorrow morning.  The label is already on, I love putting them on before the quilt is quilted which makes sure the label is secure.


This will count as my  number 5 for the game over at Country Threads.  The rest of the quilts I’d like to finish this year are (and not limited to)

  1. Memory Quilt
  2. Quilt Without End
  3. Baby Quilt Three
  4. Chloe’s Dinosaurs
  5. Cole’s Quilt (almost done!)
  6. Boo Kitties
  7. Jamestown Landing
  8. Easy Street
  9. Sarah’s Graduation Quilt
  10. Hand quilted baby quilt
  11. Dresden Wall hanging
  12. Holiday Lane repeat

I also found another wonderful quilt along at Prairie Moon.  It’s the 350 block challenge for 2013.  I first thought “What?  350 blocks…and it’s already the 16th?”  But then I realized that I made 360 Quilt Without End blocks last year and I’ve already made 7 this month.  I think this will be fun!

Now, a hardware question?  Do you ever run out of pins?  I’ve been quilting for 30 years and sewing for 36 and pins seemed firmly in the business of replicating themselves.  Until last night.  I reached for a pin and my cushions were, well, not totally bare but on their way to it.  I don’t use pins much now that I rarely sew garments.  Do you think they felt neglected and slunk away?  I stopped at the fabric store on my travels this morning and found these fun butterfly pins…how could I resist? Although with pins flying the coop already, maybe I shouldn’t have gotten ones with wings?


3 responses to “Mid-Month Progress and a bit of miscellany

  1. Popping by from the Mid Month link up over at Lovely Year of Finishes.
    Such fun!
    Great progress.
    Kind regards
    Liz DandeliondD

  2. Oh, I want to know who makes those pins! I have the flower head ones, and I know who walks out the door with them. LOL You are almost finished with that quilt, yay!

  3. Even if they fly away, they are adorable while they are there. Mom

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