A Change of Fortune Lacks Historical Voice but Delivers a Fun Read

change in fortune
The year is 1880 and Lady Eliza Sumner has been swindled of her fortune by the unscrupulous money manager her father hired before his death. Left without funds or fiancé, Lady Eliza decides to follow her swindler to New York and bring justice about herself. Disguised as a governess, she’s just waiting for the right opportunity.
If you’re looking for a light romance to read and you’re not picky about your historical voice, you will probably enjoy “A Change of Fortune.” The characters are well done, the pacing is nice and, of course, as a romance…well, there’s a happy ending. If you’re a history buff and if you’ve read much fiction from the actual time period then you might find the dialog difficult to swallow. For instance, there is a moment where Lady Eliza says, “This man ruined my life and I deserve to be there when he’s taken down.” Hmmm, perhaps “brought to justice” or “receives his comeuppance” might have been in character but “taken down” jolts the reader right back into present day.
Despite that flaw (which I find in many books in this genre), “A Change of Fortune” is an entertaining and quick read with a strong female lead character who, though she lacks a little sense at times, is strong and courageous and not making romance her priority. This is a fun book for a high school age and up…just be sure they understand that it’s fiction, not history!
This book was provided to me by Bethany House for this review.

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