Aloha and Easy Street

Aloha!  Yes, I’m posting from our family vacation in Hawaii!  This is the maiden voyage for my Featherweight which is set up in all her glory on the table in our timeshare unit.  I brought all my Easy Street pieces and have been doing a little catch-up on the steps I didn’t have quite finished.  I did manage to make the first block of the first type and here it is resting on our patio.  I’m going to be so excited to see this together.  I do regret not using a stronger purple in the four patches but that’s the fun and thrill of a mystery, isn’t it?


Another project to come to Hawaii with me is the Quilt Without End batik quilt.  I’ve finished the last few blocks while I was here and then I invited my daughter to lay it out on our bed.  We were both pretty surprised when the blocks meant for a twin sized bed covered our king sized bed with leftovers!  Oops.  I guess I need to work on my math.  If you’ve been following this blog, you probably know that Quilt Without End was born of leftovers for a quilt I already made.  I went from “Oh, I may have enough for three quilts” to “Oh dear, I need 200 more blocks” and now I’m back to “Hmmm…maybe there are two quilts here!” Maybe I should ask my daughter to rethink having me help her with her math homework.  Here’s a shot of all the blocks laid out on the king bed.


Not a great shot as it was night and my husband didn’t fancy sleeping on the floor so the blocks could be undisturbed.  Now, it wouldn’t be right to be in Hawaii and not share a shot of the beautiful scenery.  This was one of the beaches we played at yesterday.  Enjoy the scenery, and be sure to hop on the In Your Words Hop.  My day is coming up right after I return.

Aloha & happy quilting!


5 responses to “Aloha and Easy Street

  1. Looks like Lanai in the distance!

  2. By using the light purple you’re quilt will be softer and pretty. Aloha.

  3. wow those are amazing.

    i’m a new follower.

  4. Hee hee, I love that you take your quilting on holiday with you! I love the pinks in your blocks. The other quilt is gorgeous too.

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