On the Second Day of Christmas…(Plus a few last finishes and steps down Easy Street)

(Editor’s Note…I did actually start this on the 26th but life and my computer got away from me so I’ll just pick up where I left off, hope you don’t mind.)

Happy 2nd Day of Christmas! At least, this is the version of the 12 Days of Christmas I grew up with. Christmas is Day 1, and so it goes until the Epiphany on January 6th, also known as Twelfth Night. Not that we celebrated all twelve days when I was growing up. I just remember reading about them in conjunction with the court of Henry the 8th and imagining all the celebrations. Our little church in Portland used to do a lovely Epiphany service with candlelight and an all-church supper afterwards. I have such nice memories of our little congregation walking through the church to the fellowship hall with our candles. There’s just something about pairing carols with candles that improves both! At our house, the 26th is known as Nutcracker Day. Years ago, our local ballet company used to have a bargain performance of the Nutcracker on the 26th. We would attend the ballet the day after Christmas and my girls would get a nutcracker to add to their collections. Now the older girls get small Spode pieces and my younger one gets a nutcracker. The idea is that when they go on to homes of their own, they have a collection of Christmas things to decorate with.

So, Christmas has passed in a whirlwind of wrapping paper and smiles. I’m delighted to report that my family knows just what to get me and my gifts included fabric, more fabric, a quilt book and a pair of Eiffel Tower scissors! My older daughter added to my Spode set with a beautiful Spode cookie jar and my mom got us the cutest little plaque.


I’m planning to put it up in my bathroom so it can give me a giggle each morning!

I did manage to finish a trio of ornaments before Christmas.  It’s a tradition at our house that each girl gets an ornament in her stocking.

A sewing machine for our youngest who finished her first quilt this year.

A sewing machine for our youngest who finished her first quilt this year.

I found this pattern online but can’t quite remember where.  I printed this one from Carol Doak’s Foundation Factory program.


And I came up with this one right out of my own little head for my daughter who will start nursing school in February.

A nurse's cap

A nurse’s cap

I used a combination of piecing for the cross and paper-piecing for the cap.  I looked all over the internet for one and couldn’t find one so I drew it!  I’m planning to turn it into a pdf so I can share it.  Look for it at the end of January.

My mom came to spend Christmas with us, which was lovely, and mentioned that the screen play bag I made for her years ago was wearing out.  I had her shop my fabric bolts and I put this one together while we watched “The Polar Express.”


Mom chose a Hoffman print that features the beaches of California so one side has the town I was born in and one side has a town I worked in.  I also finished something on my 100 Day Hustle List…a vase mat.  Mom has a place she’d like to put flowers but wants to protect the table so I made this

Vase Mat modeling with Sarah's TARDIS Teapot

Vase Mat modeling with Sarah’s TARDIS Teapot

I also got a little work in on my Easy Street.  I got all of Step 1, Step 6 and Step 5 done.  My little bag of finished steps is growing!

All of the pieces for steps 1,5, & 6

All of the pieces for steps 1,5, & 6

Here’s a picture of Step 5 & 6

A stack of what Bonnie calls "sitting turkeys"

A stack of what Bonnie calls “sitting turkeys”

Step 6 (yes, I did buy more black & white prints)

Step 6 (yes, I did buy more black & white prints)

One of the great blessings of being ill is that you appreciate it so much when you start to feel better.  Today is the first day that I’ve been able to do some real cleaning without needing to rest.  However, one wouldn’t want too much of a good thing so I’ll be working on Step 7 of Easy Street this afternoon.  I also have a slew of book reviews and a 100 Day Hustle to update so my apologies in advance for crowding your inbox on New Years! 

Happy quilting!



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