“Every Perfect Gift” Left Me Lukewarm

Sophie Caldwell has returned to the scene of her unhappy childhood determined to prove herself as a newspaper woman despite the mystery of her parentage which puts some people against her. On one of her earliest interviews, she meets and finds herself attracted to Ethan Heyward who very quickly displays a bias towards people of mixed race. Should Sophie tell him the rumors she believes may be true about her past or just say nothing and hope for the best? As the story progresses, both characters have to face their past before embracing their hope for a future.
Dorothy Love tells a nice story but, for me, it seemed a bit out of its time. “Every Perfect Gift” is set in 1886 in Tennessee. In my research, women-run newspapers were still rare at that time (and most devoted to a particular cause like the suffragette movement.) While it’s not impossible that a woman ran a newspaper in a small town in that year, it seems unlikely for a town to embrace a child that grew up under the stigma of prejudice in that same town. I often wonder if writers who have their heroes return to the scene of their sad childhoods have actually experienced much childhood trauma. It seems to me that the last place you’d want to go back to is the place that reminds you of your early unhappiness.
However, if you put aside those types of quibbles, I actually found “Every Perfect Gift” to be a reasonably pleasant read. Not the kind of book I’ll tell you to rush right out and buy, but if you’re looking for a light romance and you love a happy ending, you will probably enjoy “Every Perfect Gift.”
This book was provided to me by Thomas Nelson, Inc. for this review as part of their BookSneeze Program.

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