Easy street part four, we have a winner, and a finish

The first thing I did this morning was pull a number with the help of Mr. Random (I loved that another blogger described what she thought he looked like) and my winning comment was from Sunnymay.


I loved hearing about everyone’s pets. I tried to respond to my comments until the whole surgery thing got in the way but be assured I read and enjoyed them tremendously! There’s just something about our pets, isn’t there?

So, with the whole surgery thing, I completely forgot that the new Easy Street clue was posted until Saturday morning! (Friday was a rough day both physically and emotionally as the terrible news events unfolded.) However, I remembered on Saturday and managed to get just a few of the units made for Step Four.


I’ve decided to spend part of my day today bagging up the parts of my Easy Street and making sure I know just how many more of each I need to make. I’d like to play a little catch-up this week so I don’t get to the end and feel overwhelmed!

The other thing I accomplished this weekend was binding my friend’s Lone Star that I quilted for her. I think it came out just beautifully and it really makes me want to finish two in-progress Lone Stars that I recently unearthed in the sewing room. Isn’t this beautiful?

Donna's Star of Wonder

Donna’s Star of Wonder

The picture doesn’t show the quilting but I quilted feathered wreaths in all the background areas and feathered plums on the long white borders. The red border also has a verse the Donna wanted from Matthew 2:2 “We have seen his star in the East and have come to worship him.” Luckily for me, it was a verse without too many “i’s.” I like writing in my quilting but I have to admit I hate going back and dotting the i’s! Once I quilted a quilt that had the word “Pioneers” on it something like 24 times in the lattice…that was a lot of i dotting! I also wanted to share the back of Donna’s quilt with you. Isn’t this a great idea and it used up a bunch of smaller pieces for the back.
Well, that’s all for me this morning, I’m linking this post up to the Easy Street Link Up here. Have a wonderful, quilty day!

3 responses to “Easy street part four, we have a winner, and a finish

  1. Thanks for picking me for this kitty material. My daughter got a sewing machine to make Christmas stockings out of grey jersey which was going to be a wolf costume, but with a little one, I got her Plan B and C instead. He wore a recycled pumpkin outfit and has a teddy bear snowsuit with red/black plaid lining the mitts, and hood with tiny ears. She’ll probably use it for a kitty bed.

  2. I love how the back of her quilt makes her quilt reversible!!! Absolutely gorgeous!!!

  3. I always piece my quilt backs, and I enjoy seeing other people’s, too. Thanks for sharing both sides.

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