An Update from Ward B 12/15/12

Well, a lot has happened since I posted last. On Tuesday, I felt well enough to run a few errands. I went to Bob’s Red Mill for my Tuesday Almond Milk Hot Chocolate (I’m allergic to dairy and soy so Bob’s is the only place I know that will use almond or rice milk), then I went to the mall looking for a comfy outfit for my husband’s office Christmas party on Saturday. I figured that if the stent made me too swollen and uncomfortable for anything but sweats, the surgery might, too. I left the mall with yoga pants that can double as leggings and a couple of ideas for a longer sweater tunic top. I smiled as I walked through the mall and saw little ones all dressed up for visiting Santa. Then I went home and got my daycare kids from school.
Just hours later, a parent called me to let me know that the freeway was closed and he might be late because there had been a shooting in the mall. Yes, my mall is Clackamas Town Center. I can’t begin to describe what it was like waiting and wondering and hoping that the victims weren’t anyone you knew and yet feeling guilty for thinking like that. Obviously, I didn’t make any announcement to the kids about the shooting. There are some situations that I think are best explained to you by your own parents. (That being said, if kids want to talk about a situation afterwards, I’m always up for it. I think being able to talk about things makes it less scary for kids.)
My younger daughter’s band was scheduled to play at Clackamas on Thursday. It’s a big thing for the middle school bands, they get to play at the mall and have a little free time to wander the mall. Of course, it was the same day as my surgery but the schedule looked like it would allow me to see her play before checking in a the medical facility just across the freeway. It all turned out to be a moot point as Clackamas quite wisely canceled all special events for the first few days with all the uncertainty as to how long everything would take. Thursday morning, I spent quilting my friend’s Lone Star. I got all the quilting done and didn’t quite hit my goal of getting the binding sewn on one side so I could stitch it down by hand as I recovered. My husband arrived and whisked me away for surgery. We ended up with a small party in my pre-op room as it took five nurses and four tries to get an IV line in. (I got the “delicate flower of the day” award for tiny veins!) A nurse came and asked if a student could observe and I immediately said yes before I found out it was a high school boy…oops! I told my husband later that I hope it didn’t scar the poor kid having to watch them put a laser up my very middle-aged private area!

Well, they successfully removed my marble-sized kidney stone but I had a hard time coming off the anesthesia. The nausea was awful! I couldn’t get any food down and no pills so Thursday was a very bad night. I slept on my husband’s side of the bed because it’s closer to the bathroom and Gizmo was very put out. Now, you’d think he would have just moved sides with me but, no, he just grumped his way down to the foot of the bed and slept there. He’s apparently just as attached to his own side of the bed as my husband is! Friday morning, I was finally able to get a piece of toast down and take some nsaids. My dear husband stayed home with me in the morning until my older daughter was up, then she sat with me until my younger daughter came home from school. Basically, I had in-house round the clock nursing staff…plus Griffie who came a couple of times and settled on my chest with his deep purr.
Like the rest of the country, I watched the events unfold on the East Coast with tears and a heavey heart. I’m old enough to remember the shock and horror of the first college shootings. The awful realization that parents would never feel quite as safe sending their kids to college. Then we had to begin worrying about our high school students but never did I imagine the horror of a shooting in an elementary school. My heart breaks for those families and that community. I pray that they will find some comfort in knowing that an entire country grieves with them.
Today we were going to get our tree but Oregon is being very Oregon right now and it is pouring! So, now that I’m breakfasted and pilled, I’m off to the upstairs to get a little work done on that binding. Later, I’m taking both girls to the mall to find my top for tonight. While we’re there, we’ll stop at the perfume department at Macy’s and tell my “perfume lady”, Pam, how grateful we are that she’s ok. There are so many people that I see regualarly at the mall that I prayed for, worried about and will be so grateful to see again even as I’m devastasted for the families of the victims. I pray today that all of us will take the time to appreciate our loved ones, friends and all the people that populate our personal worlds. People are so precious and life is precarious. Give as much love as you can while you can. As for me, I’m off to put a little love in the world with needle and thread.
Happy quilting,

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