Easy Street Part Three

Yesterday was the first really decent day I’ve had since the ER trip last Thursday and I was able to do a little sewing! Woo hoo! I even began quilting some feathers on the quilt for my friend. I have a long way to go but here are the first 40 or so of the blocks for step 3.


I’m linking this post up to Bonnie’s Linky Party here. Be sure to look at the post below this one for my giveaway in honor of Quilting Gallery’s 5th Birthday…I love a good party, don’t you?

Happy Quilting,

4 responses to “Easy Street Part Three

  1. You have some really cute fabrics in your blocks. I’ll need to be quilting a little longer before I’ve got such nice fabrics in my staff. Happy sewing!

  2. So glad that you were able to sew again. Hope you get your surgery soon.

  3. Love your roses / pink colors… Your blocks look like they are coming along great…. I used blues in my blocks too. I am looking forward to next Friday’s clues.

    If I had my way more pink would be in my house but hubby puts the KABASH to that… instead stuck with boring yellow… oh well. Sorry to hear you may need surgery.


  4. Your patches look fantastic. That ladybug fabric is too cute. Clue 4 is nearly here – woo hoo!

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