Happy 5th Birthday to Quilting Gallery (and a giveaway!)

I’m finding I really, really like these blog hops and so when I saw that Quilting Gallery was hosting a giveaway party…I jumped right in! I’ve talked a fair bit on this blog about my family but I’ve yet to give you a formal introduction to the furbabies that fill our lives. My DH and I have three girls between us and six (yes 6) cats and one 106-pound Labrador. Let me introduce you to the fur crew…

Our oldest cat is Stanley. He’s a sweet old guy that life has been a bit tough on. He’s got a few chronic conditions and he’s a bit wobbly on his pins but he loves to follow us around and get attention and to lay on his heated cat bed. One of his new habits is that he rushes into the shower as soon as we vacant it to savor the warm water. His arthritis is so bad these days that we bathe him on a regular basis and, oddly enough, he seems to enjoy it. Here he his relaxing with his dad post bath.

Stanley, post bath.

Stanley, post bath.

The next two are Griffie and Zoe aka “The Twins.” They are, in fact, littermates and look quite a bit alike once you get past their coloring and hair length and look at their eye and ear shape and body type. These two came into our lives as a long-awaited promise to the older girls that when I got to work from home, they could each get a kitten. Zoe is quite the princess and has a lovely habit of going to the neighbors and tapping on their bay window to torment their beagle. Luckily for us, the neighbors are quite gracious about it, telling us that their dog wouldn’t get any exercise without her! Grif is very much Sarah’s cat and he can’t wait for her return home from college next week. His main goal in life to make sure she stays in bed as long as possible with him in the mornings!




After that in the “birth order” comes Jack. Jack was the kitten my youngest daughter got once we were pretty sure the adoption would go through. He has the deepest dimples I’ve ever seen on a cat and likes to jump from the newell post onto the shoulders of unsuspecting visitors (and family.)
Jack wtih St. Nick

Jack wtih St. Nick

Then there’s Winnie. She’s known as my imaginary cat because so few people ever see her. She’s a hider but she adores and takes great care of Stanley. We call her his little nurse cat. She was found at three weeks trapped between a wood and concrete fence where she’d been for two days before they could locate the source of the meowing. Despite her standoffishness, she’s got a sweet disposition and loves us in her shy way. She comes to visit me in the bathroom each morning and romps with Gizmo every night.


Last, but by far not least, is the baby, Gizmo. Gizmo really is the most baby-like of cats. Every night he snuggles up on my neck and pads my pillow then drapes himself across my neck and taps my husband that it’s his turn to pet, too. Now that the weather is colder again, I’ll wake in the morning to find Gizmo snuggled up between us under the covers, happy as a clam.


Of course, the furbaby list wouldn’t be complete without my Nick. Nick came to us as a rescue dog and after ten-plus years of steady food and love, he still worries every day at dinner time! We call him “The Dog from 50 First Dates.” He doesn’t remember that we have fed him every day for a decade, what he remember is that once upon a time, he was truly starving. He’s a love of a dog despite (or maybe because of his worries.) Nick likes to bring me things…books, sofa cushions, papers off my desk…but he wont fetch a thing for you unless it involves him jumping in the water!
Nick going for a car ride!

Nick going for a car ride!

So, to celebrate the furry loves of my life, I’m giving away a yard of this kitty print fabric (apologies to Nick…there wasn’t a cute cat & dog print.) Just leave me a comment and tell me what a favorite pet of yours was or is or would be if you could. I’ll be drawing the winner on the 16th of December. Thanks for stopping by and celebrating Quilting Gallery with me and the fur kids today, be sure to stop and see everyone else at the party by clicking http://quiltinggallery.com/quilters-fun/quilters-blog-hop-party/!
Happy Quilting,

123 responses to “Happy 5th Birthday to Quilting Gallery (and a giveaway!)

  1. It is hard to choose a favorite as we have one cat and one dog. Our dogwas a rescued puppy that was supposed to grow to weigh between 35 and 40 pounds but now weighs about 90 pounds. She is a sweety with a deep bark and lots of allergies. She costs us a bit of money but returns a lot of love. Our cat is a busy, long haired and kind of hyper and we love them both.

  2. We have 2 cats, Miss Mollie and Mister Grady, sharing our lives today. I don’t feel completely dressed unless I have cat hair & maybe a few stray threads decorating my clothes. Thanks for the chance to win.

  3. My favorite pet…that’s a hard one! Will always love and miss my German Shepherd…she was a rescue and was wonderful. She’s been gone for 7 years and I am still looking for a replacement for her. I don’t think it will happen. Filling my heart today is another rescue, a Chihuahua my DH named Tara because of what it spells backwards. Thank you for the opportunity to win!

  4. Thanks for the chance. Check out my giveaway too.

  5. I have 4 cats and I do have a favoite, her name is Pippa and she is a long haired black cat. I believe I am her favoite too! Thanks for being a part of this blog hop.

  6. I love cats. And dogs, and horses, and rabbits, and turtles, and birds…..just please no snakes. 🙂

  7. My kitty Dungee was the best cat ever. Such a good friend.

  8. I’ve never had a cat, but I do have 4 ‘grandcats’. Thank you for a chance to win the give away. I could make the cats a placemat for their water/food dish.

  9. Stanley looks like my tuxedo. I’d have to pick both the pets I live with now, though technically only the cat is officially mine. I have a tuxedo and the fiance has a lovely smoosh of a cocker spaniel.

  10. I have always had calico cats, and loved them all. My last, Bess, always stayed tiny and was a love.

  11. My dog is my best friend, and he is at the vet getting his teeth cleaned today . . . I am so lonley!

  12. We are definitely cat people. Currently have two kitties, both just over 2 years old. They are a constant source of joy and amusement.

    Thanks for introducing us to your furbabies, and for a nice giveaway.

  13. We used to have a dog that we loved. Thanks for the giveaway! Merry Christmas!

  14. My sewing supervisor is Rusty a 5 year old Pomeranian. He is quite the character and taught himself that if he picks up anything that gets dropped on the floor he can turn it in for a cookie. That means scraps, bobbins, pins, needles (these make me nervous), paper pens etc.

  15. Jamie, my female cat, who lived to age 18 and died this past September… I will forever love her! Sapphire is our 4-year-old Russian Blue, so you can see I am a cat lover, even thought I grew up with dogs!

  16. We love my parents’ dog Elmo, a cairn terrier — we are his primary babysitters when my parents are gone and we joke that we’re like dog grandparents. All of the fun, very little responsibility.

  17. I have a Papillion dog I adore, have since I turned 20 and now I am 49, I have always had one. I have 3 dogs, we really dont care for Cats but sometimes I wish I had one.

  18. we love our dogs rusty and cooper they are brothers that we had to put in different pens because they hate each other to the point of drawing blood but they both love us and only us

  19. Thanks for telling us so much about your pets. I had 2 cats for 18 years. The oldest died last year, and the other a few weeks ago. It’s very quiet in the house now and I miss them all day. But since we like to travel and don’t want to keep asking the neighbour to look after our pets, we’ve decided not to take a new kitten until we’ve been settling ourselves. I hope you can enjoy your pets for a very, very long time!
    Best regards, Marjo B-W

  20. we’re cat and dog people, 3 cats and 2 dogs and any other kitties we adopt along the way

  21. Thanks for introducing your pets! We have had 4 cats over the years and my favorite was our 2nd Asia. He was a beautiful Siamese with the personality of a dog! He loved our neighbor and family dogs. He was a constant companion and the sweetest lap cat. We will be adding a kitten to our household this winter and I dream about having a Shiba Inu dog one day. Thanks for your giveaway.

  22. Well, I love my current fur-babies (cats), but there can be nothing to replace my old dog skipper (collie mix) who passed just before his 19th birthday.

  23. So fun that you asked this question. My husband gave me a little yorkie for Christmas this year. His name is Otis and he is sitting in my lap right now.

  24. We adopted two cats, brother and sister, from the pound where they had been dumped with their 6 siblings when they were 2 weeks old. Hubby and I each picked out one and brought them home. I picked the girl and named her Roxie. Hubby named the by Popeye because his eye was mostly closed because of an infection he was just getting over. In no time at all, the cats decided that we had picked the wrong ones. Popeye attached himself to me and Roxie won’t leave Hubby’s side. We’ve had these cats two years now and they have added so much enjoyment to our lives.

  25. Loved your pet stories. Over the last few years we have gone from 5 cats and a dog to one cat. He is one I bought for myself. It just so happens I have started a story page for him on my blog and there is a link to a lovely picture of my dog. I love any fabric with cats. I am making a cat quilt for my daughter and just bought some cat fabric for the borders and the backing. I would love to win a bit more – whatever it looks like 🙂

  26. We have owned a few pets in our time but right now our dog Luke a labradoodle is our special pet that we love very much , he has a personality like no other dog we have owned. Thanks for introducing us to your pet family and thanks for the chance to win .

  27. My favorite pet was a dog we called BOWSER. He was so loyal and lovable

  28. Oddly enough I miss the hamster I had in Korea. I thought I would hate the little thing my spouse bought for the kids, but I used to talk to it late at night as it ran on it’s little wheel. Great therapy. Unfortunately, planes don’t allow hamsters so he had to be given away when we returned to the US. 😦

    hlkinser at yahoo dot com

  29. Although we had many dogs over the years my favourite was Boots, a female puppy that we got when I was very pregnant with my first child. Boots welcomed all of our children and helped raised them for 12 years. We were so lucky to have her in our lives.

  30. My favorite pet was Ellie. She was a beautiful cat that let us take care of her for nearly 12 years.

  31. Right now my 2 black kitties!

    sthastie at gmail dot com

  32. I’ve always loved beagles! I don’t have any right now.
    hulseybg at gmail dot com

  33. I would love to have a cat. thanks for the giveaway

  34. I always loved fish. I have 2 parrot fish at my house. I think they are older than my one year old son

  35. We have Dunlop the black lab/whippet that is more whippet than lab. He is my hearing dog who helps alert at the doorbell, phone, oven buzzer, and the preheat buzzer on the oven. We have just moved to a new, to us, house that has different sounding buzzers and bells, so he’s very happy getting extra treats as he learns the new sounds. (I think he’s faking half of this, and just holding out for more treats!)

  36. Wow….our families are pretty similar with one more cat in our house for a total of 7 (nice to know I don’t have to explain ‘why’ to you..lol). We’ve had horses and chickens…guinea pigs and birds…Maggie in my pic here is our 3rd dog (and only one in a houseful of cats)…I just can’t play ‘favorites’…LOL Thanks for a great post!

  37. You have a lovely fur family 🙂 I’ve loved all the animals I’ve owned. I had cats for the first 40 years of my life, and then switched to dogs. Right now the dog is Zeke, a mixed dog who is about five. He came to us at about 2 years after being a street vagabond in my town for almost his whole life – except for the part where he was chained outside with no food, straw or anything at -40. He is a loveable dog, and full of antics. His fear is that we might not love him every morning when he wakes up. But we do….

  38. Oh my goodness your brood is adorable. I have a cat that looks a lot like Gizmo, except she is much bigger and fatter lol. We also have a dog.
    My favourite pet was a cat I had when I was 11 to 16. His name was Sunny and he was the most beautiful orange persian. He had quite a personality and we all loved him dearly. One day he just vanished.
    Even as I type this it tears me up and I’m now 48. I think our pets stay with us forever.

    ktreve (at) hotmail (dot) com

  39. If I could have any pet I would definitely choose a hedgehog – I know they smell a bit but their faces are so CUTE!!!
    My favourite pet that I have owned is my beautiful rabbit who passed away 5 years ago. He was a rex and so soft and a real snuggle bunny!

  40. I would choose a cat..Siamese cat!

  41. How could I possibly pick a favorite … pet or kid? Most have been rescued sometime in their lives but once I did buy a shelty because it stole my heart and I had to buy her to get my heart back.She was beautiful and very smart and never even needed a leash because she was so eager to please. (got along with the cats too).

  42. I enjoyed reading that, thanks. My favorite pet is my dog Lily, she is crotchety, mean and bad tempered but sweet as candy to me. I have been told to give her away numerous times and trainers run away from her frequently, (which I find despicable, why train only easy dogs?). She has been my constant companion for 8 years and is slowing down now. We have an agreement now and have lived in harmony, despite her nasty ways twords others, for quite some time. I do not know what I would do without her in my life. Vivian

  43. You are blessed to have lots of furries there. Our best pet was our last dog – a mutt that was rescued, but was loyal and true to the end. Unfortunately he was killed by a mountain lion in our yard a few years ago.

  44. Justina Albright

    I “can’t” but do, love cats anyway. Allergy or not, I have two. One male orange tabby, named Casey and one little “blue” half Maine Coon and half Oriental, named Finleigh. Her personality is very much like your Gizmo, a real cuddle bug.

  45. We love cats….and dogs. I’ll vote for the outnumbered one……the 106 pound Lab. Please visit and see our critters, Bodecia and Norman, a small tabby and a massive black-and-white. Thanks for participating in the blog hop party.

  46. Hello from Minnesota! I enjoyed your post. I have two grey and white cats, Pandora and Probationary; it would be impossible to pick a favorite. Panda (as if Pandora was too long) is little but she sleeps in a little hollow at the center of an enormous, cushy dog bed which is downright adorable to see all of the time. Probie is a fat cat with long fur which makes her look even bigger and she loves to snuggle and generally socialize which makes us and our guests happy.

  47. Have had many wonderful quirky kitties in my life (and one unhappy dog, for a short time). There is always a soft spot in my heart for Rocket: a starved abandoned kitten I found in a tree alongside our rural road. He was a grey and white Manx (no tail) and was more like a dog than a cat, and he hopped like a rabbit when he ran! Fetching and howling were his fave dog-like activities, oh, and also hassling the elder female cats we had at the time. He was only in our lives for a few years, and I still miss him!

  48. I had a yellow lab for about 10 years but had to put it down 6 years ago when it was painful for her to walk. The same time my son was leaving for the Air Force. So boy did I go through the emptly nest synd. My husband did not want anymore animals at the time, but just this summer he thought I should have another dog so we got a Golden Retreaver and she has been a wonderful dog also. Autumn the yellow lab would have to be my favorite but I had her 10 years also.

  49. My favorite pet is our parakeet Pickle, but I also love our Bichon Frise, Marcus, and my daughter’s bunny.

  50. Our cats keep disappearing from us when we have any. Usually there is a dog in our yard. We love to have animals around, but won’t have them in the house due to allergies. Thanks for the giveaway.

  51. My favorite was a kitty from my childhood name “Nice Big Kitty.” He was the friendliest cat I’ve ever known!

  52. We have two Shih-tzu dogs who live in our house with us. About 3 years ago, a neighborhood stray cat had kittens and one of them, Kit-Kat, adopted us. About a year ago, another one of her kittens, Miss Kitty, adopted us also, so we have 2 dogs and 2 cats. We’ve had dogs most of our lives, but I do love my cats too. The cats are outdoor cats and they enjoy sleeping in their little felt houses we bought them.
    Thanks for a nice giveaway.

  53. Our dog Max was such a sweetheart.

  54. Thanks for the giveaway! I’m a dog and cat person, but we don’t have cats right now, just four yummy mutt dogs. I love them all to pieces- right now everyone is getting lots of extra love because we have a new rescue puppy and she’s too cute not to love on and I want to make sure they all get snuggles!

  55. I love pets, your cats are lovely, but I choose Nick, I have 4 english setter. hugs from Italy. Alessandra


  57. I have 2 rescue cats and a rescue pomeranian. I am a cat lover but somehow Buddy the Pom has wormed his way into my heart. I know you didn’t require it, but I became a follower. I just have to follow someone who has 6 cats and a dog. LOL

  58. My most favorite dog was a beagle, Max, that we had for over 15 years. He was so naughty at times but the best dog ever with my 2 sons.

  59. We have schnusers and I used to have labs…Thanks for the giveaway
    vickie.van@hotmail.com here in B’ham, WA

  60. I have always had pets except for the last three years due to changes in my life. Hoppy, a Basenji, was my last. I want another one, but they are hard to find in my area. Love all your fur babies and the great giveaway.

  61. we have three dogs, a pekeanese shizu mix who is the old lady of the group, a chihuahua who adopted my boyfriend and a who knows what mix puppy. Love em all. Merry Christmas

  62. I would love a kitty. Their so soft and cuddly. but I tend to end up in apartments that don’t allow pets =\

  63. After more than 20 years of longing for a pet, I decided I could wait no longer and just last month we got a parakeet. Her name is Trixie and she is absolutely hilarious. If I could have any pet, I would get either an Irish Setter or a standard poodle. I love big dogs!

  64. I like cats. Maybe that is why we have 5. Thanks for chance to win.

  65. i love both dogs and cats….german shepherds and shelties are my favorite dogs, have had two of each. and cats…..just the simple housecat….i currently have one cat…Oreo…who loves to sew with me.
    Thanks for the giveaway chance.

  66. We have three cats, Cocoa, Blackee and Bob Marley. Blackee is my favorite (don’t tell the other two). She has just the sweetest disposition and the most amazing purr!

  67. We have two dogs and a cat, I can’t name one and not the others…well maybe the cat, he thinks he runs the place and lives to taunt the dogs (seriously, he just this moment whacked my little corgi-chihauhau cross on his way by). So that leaves the dogs…Lady is a black lab/blue heeler cross, she came to us from the shelter at 5 y.o. and is now 13…love her to bits…and little Zeva, well she just dodges the cat and sleeps in a bed right beside ours. Thanks for the chance!

  68. I have 3 furbabies, so don’t dare pick a favorite. Buddy and Lacey are Maltese and Abbey is our newest addition, a part Himalayan and part Ragdoll cat.

  69. we currently have Ms Pearl (miniature Black and tan Dachshund) and My son’s dog is Ms Fancy (husky/lab mix with a blue eye and a brown eye). They are something else. No faves at this time but have had many beloved pets over the course of my life. I do love cats.

  70. I now have 3 cats. 2 Tonkinese (part siamese & burmese) & a sweet ams
    I have had 9 cats and 1 long haired dixie. Thanks for the ch

  71. Já tive 14 cães de uma vez, de diversas idades e raças.Daí foram indo para o céu canino…hoje restam duas cadela uma de 19 anos vira-lata(pimpa) e uma poodle de 6 (cleo).tenho três gatos filhotes ainda,e periquitos.Amo meu amigos de pelos.Obrigada.tiacarminhapezzuto@gmail.com

  72. Right now I only have one dog. His name is Doobie and he’s a mini pinscher! He is the bestest dog ever! 🙂 Thanks so much for such an awesome giveaway! Happy Holidays to You! 🙂

  73. Each pet has been so unique that I can’t pick a favorite. I do, however, adore dogs.

  74. I have two dachshunds (Sophie and Lucy) and they are my first inside dogs. I’ve had pets my whole life but I have never loved two animals as much as I love these babies. They are very very precious to me and are great companions. As I sit here and type Lucy is right beside me wrapped in a blanket, Sophie is chillin in the recliner wrapped in a blanket. They will be out chasing squirrells soon!

  75. My dog is 17 1/2 years old and he’s the best; although, he needs quite a bit of care lately. Thanks

  76. What cute fur babies! My favorite is actually sitting next to me right now, 4.5 year old Bruno. We adopted him when he was one day old and nursed him. Raising cats by hand is a lot of work! But he’s wrapped himself around my heart and is now spoiled, spoiled, spoiled. 😉

  77. Love your kitties! We have an awesome kitty named Sigmund, he is the best.

  78. Thank you for telling us about your pets, I laughed and cried. I have two cats right now, 10 and 8 years old. I love them!

    Gun, Sweden

  79. I have had many favorite pets during my many years. Dogs have been our favorite and our perfect dog now is Bear, our aussi/bordercollie mix, who is being medicated for a serious heart condition. Thanks for the giveaway.

  80. I have two dogs: a chihuahua mix and a pug and they are my favorite pets. They are special needs and need a lot of work and trips to the vet, but I love them to pieces and I wouldn’t change them fro the world.
    Yor pets are very cute.

  81. My lab, who passed this year. He was 14. Loved him like my child. Miss him bunches

  82. I’ve loved all my pets… my (sorta) cat Sylvester is pretty awesome, though.
    Thanks for the opportunity to win some fabulous kitty fabric! 🙂


  83. love the animal lprints

  84. I’ve had a lot of wonderful pets, and lost a lot of them too. I’ve had Mozart, a persian cat, who lived to be almost 16. Kiddo who was a stray cat that I had for 17 years. Jack, another stray cat, that ended up with diabetes and lived to be 13. I now have Thor, Daemon, and Georgie- all cats and each with their own great personalities.

  85. I just love everybody in your family. I can see that they are all well-loved and spoiled. I have one black bermeise cat. Her name is Shadow and she has been with me and my husband for 16 years. She gets so upset if she doesn’t have a Christmas present under the tree. I have to buy her a couple of bags of Temptations Treats and wrap them up individually and put them under the tree and tell her that she has presents. So, being a cat person I am sure I would be making a small quilt for her with that kitty printed fabric.Thank you for giving all of us, your followers, a chance to win. Happy Holidays.

    Sandi T.
    Sonora, CA

  86. I like cats for pets; I like their independence. However, I also like to be free to pick up and go at the drop of a hat, so I don’t have pets right now.

  87. My favorite pet is my miniature dachschund, Chandler. He is a trusty companion and loves to snuggle up close.

  88. We have always had cats for pets, but my fav was a baby pig when I was a child. His mama had rolled on the litter and he was the only one that survived, so we had to separate them. He became very tame and would often sneak up to the house for treats. My poor mother. Thanks for the opportunity on a great draw and have a Merry Christmas.

  89. it is like children, one shouldn’t have favorites. We have a lovely calm golden retriever. he is now getting old and arthritic. it is so sad. she still wants to keep up with my son. We also have a partly persian cat named Ash because of his coloring and a tabby named Noodles.

  90. I have 2 wonderful kitties — Dutch, an all white cat who is about 15 years old, and Thelma, a 1 year old sweetie who is afraid of everything! Happy holidays!

  91. We leave with 2 cats and 3 dogs and we all love them. Further we have goats, sheep, one donkie, geese, chickens and rabbits. 🙂
    Thanks for the chance.

  92. I’ve had so many truely wonderful pets, but my all time favorite is my current part Siamese cat: rascal. He is a very dog-like cat: he fetches and follows me everywhere I go!

  93. When I was a kid we had a dog Dusty. Miss him a lot.

  94. I have two kitties, Misty and Spooky and a dog: Sam. I had two other cats (Dinah & Muffin) and two other dogs (Rocky & Pebbles) who passed away but will never be forgotton.

  95. well I have 3 favorite pets and 1 other pet.The other pet ths isn’t my favorite is my sons albino leopard spotted gecko. My favorties are my 2 orange tabbie cats that are littermates. Both males one is Caramel & Butterscotch. and of Course my dear lil Dappled Daisy Dashchund doggie girl.Daisy thinks she is now a cat and the cats think she is a cat also..They romp and roll and play together. Nothing like furbabies. I also have real humanb children as well.

  96. I enjoyed reading about your furry friends and quilt-weights. I had a mostly-white cat named Gilligan. He was such a joy and lived to the fortunate age of 20. He liked to play with the stream of water coming out of the tap, although like most cats he hated baths.

  97. I can no longer have a cat as my allergies go crazy when they are near. So we have Pomeranians 6 of them and they are all spoiled

  98. Thanks for sharing aboout your furry babies. I have always had at least one cat and can say that over the course of fifty years three have stood out. Cinnamon, a longhaired yellow cat that I had in the 80’s was such a baby. I had him for 12 years.

    Miss Misty Kitty was a longhaired grey that was my all time favorite as I had her for 18 years. She was my lap cat and had me trained to her specifications. I just lost her last year and still miss her so much.

    I currently have Cricket, a kitten I found on my back deck at less than an hour old. Her mother was a semi ferel cat that refused her and her sister so I hand raised them. I found a home for Crystal but just could not let the runt go. She had the cutest alien shaped eyes and a yes I can attitude. Now she’s a little over a year old and is a spoiled rotten teenager. When she goes into full teenage mode I call her Miss Pissyfur.

  99. I have 6 cats also:)
    Fluffy is 19. Buster is 10. Waldo 8. Miskit and Koko are the newest that found me. Miskiti was carrying 6 babies. Surprise!!! We kept 2… Jax and Gemma both 4 mo old. Never a dull moment!

  100. i had a dachshund Roy and if i will have dog again it will be dachshund) they are cute. thank you!

  101. I’d love to hav a dog, curretly raising a gold-fish 🙂 Thans for the great givaway!

  102. Margaret Schindler

    I have a cat named Saphire and he hides from everyone but me and my husband. I do love him and love it when he kisses my forehead

  103. We have the lovely Abby, a dachshund who is very spoiled and is very entertaining for the our family. Enjoyed your pictures and thanks for the giveaway. Happy Holidays!

  104. I loved reading about your pets! I am a total cat person and have had so many dear kitty friends throughout my life. All were special. audiodropzone(at)gmail(dot)com

  105. I have had a variety of pets …dogs, cats, turkey, rabbit, fish, chicken, Thanks for the wonderful giveaway. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. May the coming year bless you and your family with everything that your hearts desire.


  106. My little Buzzy went to doggy heaven in March. He was a sweetie all 15 years of his life. I’ve put on 10 pounds since he’s gone – no one to walk & romp thru the woods with me! I loved your description of your kitties & Nick. Lucky animals to have such a loving home!

  107. We rescued 2 pitties. One died and one went to live on a farm…. miss them both SO much!

  108. I’m a cat person and this is the only time in my life that I don’t have a cat or two living with me. That’s going to change soon? I loved seeing the pictures of your pets.

  109. Jenelle Boxberger

    Thank you for being in this fun blog hop. Merry Christmas. My favorites are the 2 dogs we have now. They are Caviler King Charles. The names are Preston and Hunter.

  110. We have 2 Toy Fox Terriers. Tori & Pixie. Sweet little girls !!! Both rescues & were abused. They are so spoiled now. 🙂

  111. We have a rescue oriental cat (Picasso) and a Yorkshire Terrier dog (Scamp). Life is so joyful with them around. they love to be fussed over and are an important part of our family.

  112. We have 3 cats that showed up at our door as kittens at various times. Simon is the sweetest guy and is deaf……loves for me to vacuum him when he “helps” me clean. The girls disappear.

  113. I have a bitty Papillon. My sister calls her “Kitty, Kitty.” Her name is really Josie or JoJo!

  114. I love all your kitties. When my husband and I met in 2000 he was versed in the ways of Vicki and her wanting the cat of her dreams after reading so much about them. Well on the day after our 1st wedding anniversary in July 2003, we left the place we’d gone to celebrate overnight and headed from IL over to MI which is where I had chosen the cattery was and we handed over the rest of the money for my Ragdoll. (ok it’s probably OUR Ragdoll ha). A week later my husband had a heart attack and this cat gave us endless hours of humor in watching his antics. He is what kept our sanity we’re both sure of. I’ve had cats all my life but, I must admit the Ragdoll breed is nothing like any cat I’d ever seen or had. They are just the best cat temperment wise and he is more like a dog in many ways. He gets upset when he knows we’re getting ready to leave and gets in our way constantly and then the second I grab my purse and start heading for the back door, he rushes in front of me so he can beat me to that door even though he knows he’s not going anywhere. He sits in front of the door however, as if HE is going to block us from opening it to leave him alone. Funniest thing ever. He follows me like a dog everytime I get out of my chair too. Great cat. I’ll be a huge mess when he’s gone.

  115. Hi, I have a cat called Rumbles (he is a ginger ninja! is currently bringing us lots of birds, must think we are not eating properly) and we have a black bitsa dog Bess, who is the most loving adorable sheepdog/samoyed/labrador mix you could ask for (both were SPCA rescues, the only way to get a pet if you ask me!) Thanks for the chance to win! Merry Christmas!

  116. My daughter has a cat that’s black from the pound and her name is Kouska which is Russian for cat. She pats me as I go by while babysitting my grandson.

  117. Our last child at home is D.O.G. and he is 11 years old. part aussie sheperd and queensland heeler. We have two grand cats at home, that did not leave when their mommies left home. Thank You for the giveaway.

  118. I have 2 feline quilt helpers, Jazz and Psycho. They investigate every step of my quilting…as well as my customer’s quilts.

  119. I have a Rotweiler cross sharpie called Lexi. She is amazing and dotes on my 3 and 1 year olds. She is totally in love with those kids.

  120. Would have to be my childhood dog, Nicky..golden lab and rigback cross. She was a sweet gentle dog unless she felt someone was hurting one of us..she would stand there and growl until we told her it was ok. We also had 4 cats, 4 java finches and for short periods, a hamster and duck.
    Thanks for the give away.

  121. I love our cat, Smoky. He found us a few years ago and is a great mouser = inside and out.

  122. I love my goldfish, but we now have an adorable chinchilla named Bella who roams our kitchen!

  123. What a great fur family, hehe. I had a miniture dauchsund, Miss Sophia who died last year. I have had dobermans as well, Zimba who was such a great dog, also sadly is in doggie heaven.

    Thank you for a super giveaway and a chance to win.


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