The Great Catch-Up Post 11/25/12 (no fries required.)

This is a picture I took of my little Gizmo helping me clean out a drawer the other day but it just sums up what I feel like from last week.


Doesn’t he just look like he’s trying to figure out which end is up?  So, last week went by in a mega-blur with my brother’s birthday dinner on Tuesday, kids all day for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday (no school because of conferences), a total of 11 pies getting made at my house and then, of course, Thanksgiving followed by the Civil War game on Saturday.  Whew!  When is a girl supposed to find time to quilt?  Well, I did find a bit of time.  My cousin and I took our Featherweights to Thanksgiving and while the guys watched football, we quilted! Did you know that two Featherweights fit quite comfortably on one card table?  I brought my Jamestown Landing string blocks and by the end of the weekend, I had this to show for my efforts.


(Did I mention that the bunny fabric in the one string is older than my 21 year-old daughter.) The project has been growing in leaps and bounds so I finally found a decorative box to hold all the pieces.


I guess that shot doesn’t show much about the box, does it?  I’m on a mission to find boxes that will fit my Expedite bookcase but will fit maybe three on a shelf.  The shelf units (each cube) is 15″ deep and 13″ wide so I have a trip to IKEA on my list this week.  Also this weekend I made huge headway on a quilting project for a friend.  I’m quilting her Christmas Lone Star and this is a picture of her lovely strip-pieced backing.


What a great way to use a bunch of Christmas prints.  I did have her use a slightly larger seam allowance (1/2″) and press all the seams open and so far it is working out great for the quilting.  With any luck, I’ll have it ready to show early this week.  Speaking of ready to show, my Holiday Lane is all appliqued, bordered, basted and ready to quilt.  My day is the 29th and I’ll have a giveaway so be sure to check back!  I’m also joining another giveaway blog hop in December and one in January! This is one busy week for me as I get ready for our annual Gingerbread Pot Luck so it will be especially important to make time for my “sanity time” aka quilting!

That’s all for getting me caught up….here’s one last picture to leave you with sweet thoughts.  This was my gluten-free apple pie for Thanksgiving dinner.  I was inordinately proud of this as it was the first time I managed to make an even half-way decent flute on my crust!

Happy quilting!


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